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Lower FPS in Brink (OpenGL) with a WX 7100 compared to a W5500

You know its sad when you spend over 400 bucks on a GPU that is slower than a card that came out in , 2016. 

Don't get me wrong the w5500 is a powerful card, but i have a WX 7100 and every game i tested ( but Gear tactics ) i get lower fps , and in games that  use OPENGL, like "Brink",  it runs like sh** 13-25fps choppy stuttering messed on the w5500, but runs at 50-100fps on the wx 7100.

You know whats even more odd, the firepro w7000 runs brink at 70-100fps easily. Besides the brink/open gl issues, overall the wx 7100 is perfoms better over the w5500, it doesn't make any sense and I'm kinda worried about buying a w6600 right now, which is why im trying to get a guy i know to sell it to me for 350 dollars ( he works at a computer shop ). 

The only reason why i use the w5500 on my main computer is because i notice after 2 days of testing with every driver out there, the image quality/GPU acceleration/Motion2 truetheater feature on cyberlink works better, meaning the video playback is superior over the other gpus. But here's the thing, and I'm not sure if the devs is aware of this, but using "cyberlink", if you're using any of the newer drivers whatever its enterprise or adrenalin, the colors and quality is washed out, i have to use older drivers using the older control panels to get better video quality and better motion2 truetheather speed. 

The devs who are working with Radeon Pro needs to improved their opengl and fast and overall quality, because something in the WX 7100 is making games well faster. 

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Looking at the two GPU cards, The WX7100 seems to be slightly more powerful than the new W5500 GPU card. But the W5500 GPU card is made with the 7nm Architecture while the WX7100 is made with the older 14nm Architecture. 

Both have 8GB of vRAM up to 224GB/s but the WX7100 has GDDR5 while the W5500 has GDDR6.

The WX7100 has a 256-bit Memory Interface while the W5500 has a 126-bit Memory Interface.

The WX7100 is compatible with PCIex16 3.0 while the W5500 is compatible with PCIex16 4.0.

Here are AMD Specs for both GPU cards:

Screenshot 2021-11-21 073159.pngScreenshot 2021-11-26 162921.png

But the only person who can really tell you which card is supposed to be more powerful is AMD Moderator for Professional GPU Cards @fsadough . If he answers it will be next week.

Good info. I tested both cards for hours , testing many of the older enterprise drivers and adrenalin and newer ones. The WX 7100 is more stable and overall has better performance/framerate higher than the W5500. The W5500 seems to have better video player quality, using Cyberlink. 

I have two rigs, my main computer I'm using the W5500, only because of Cyberlink, its weird but as i said before the colors/image quality is really bad with using any other card than the w5500 and when i use the w5500 i have to use a driver that has the older control panel for better video playback quality/smoothness/60fps motion2 features. Seems to be disable or something using newer drivers. 

As for performance between the two cards in general, the WX 7100 with every game i tested is about 5-8% faster, and alot more stable and "cooler". The W5500 is good though, i play games without any issues, even though opengl is a huge issue i notice using a firepro W5500, WX 4100,  W7000, And the Radeon Pro W5500. 

Speaking only about Brink, this is the bottom line about that. 

W5500 = 12-25fps choppyness

WX 7100 = Some stuttering, but pretty good at 44-70-100fps

WX 4100 = 10-20fps stuttering

FirePro W7000 = 70-100fps easily. 

RX 570 = 70-140fps

Maybe if AMD Moderator FSADOUGH answers this thread he can tell you the reason why for the performances you mentioned for each GPU card.

But from what I understand Professional GPU cards are not optimized to play games like the Consumer GPU cards are.

As far about your OpenGL issue that is more of a driver issue than anything else.

AMD Forums does have a OpenGL Forum under the Developer's AMD Forum ( but you must first get Whitelisted to post on that forum by going here first:


Yea i talked with fsadough before, he's cool. He helps out on issues dealing with Radeon pro info.

As for Workstation gpus not made for gaming, that's true. But the myth that they can't run games  as some people can't say isn't true. I notice when using workstation gpus, it all comes to which one and more importantly which driver more than anything. 

As for opengl issues, man trust me i have tested pretty much every driver enterprise and adrenalin using my workstation cards playing brink, none of the drivers solve the problem. It all came down to "which workstation card". The firepro w7000 can run brink easy at 70-100fps with no stuttering or anything, but when a wx 7100 or w5500 can't keep up as fast, something is wrong. really the w5500 barely can run the game haha. 

May I ask why you are comparing W5500 ($400) with WX7100 ($800)? 


"May I ask why you are comparing W5500 ($400) with WX7100 ($800)? "

LMAO, wait, so the higher the price the better?. To answer your question, i just tend to do alot of testing with workstation gpu's, etc. But i have notice "overall" the w5500 shows better framerates for the majority of games. The WX 7100 is just more "stable" overall and in some games, way faster. 

It could be though, that because its a pcie 4.0 and I'm using 3.0 its not hitting its full speed/performance. On another note, games like Brink which uses OpenGL, performance wise with the w5500 its choppy framerate between 12-25fps. Whereas the WX 7100 50-140fps solid performance.  

So here's the breakdown

WX 7100 = Overall more stable, seems to be more powerful in terms of gaming performance, better openGL performance

W5500 = Overall more powerful in "higher framerates" for the majority of games, less stable in games, very poor opengl performance compared to the WX 7100, has better video playback performance ( things look more clear and crisp ). 

I have to wonder how the W6600 will perform once i get it, can't wait. Would be nice if the OpenGL performance on the W5500 was like the WX 7100 though, but its cool i have two computers. Cheers. 


We are not talking about better or worse. In addition worse to one user might be good enough for the other. With our new Navi generation we have defined a new price/performance class for our Workstation users. We do not stack our Workstation GPUs based on gaming performance. W5500 is a GPU somewhere in the middle of WX5100 and WX7100.

The issue with Brink can be investigated if you are willing to provide your system details. In terms of OpenGL performance comparing W5500 to WX7100, I would suggest you run SpecWKS 3.1 benchmark and consider Price/Performance and make sure you run the benchmark on a PCIE 4.0 motherboard using the same OS and driver.


Thanks for the info, yes I'm aware and agree about the gaming performance. I seen reviews alot of them showing the w5500 beating the wx 7100 in non gaming performance, which makes sense. Sorry no PCIE 4.0 motherboard, probably never get one ever only because i only use Xeon.

As for "Brink", um if you guys have steam install, you can download the game for testing, its F2P, and only uses Open GL.

My System details:

Main rig: Intel Xeon 2678 v3, 16DDR4, Radeon Pro WX 7100 ( current ), also use W5500 (was using it). Windows 10 Enterprise (tested brink with fresh install no updates and fresh install new updates, same results )

Second Rig: Intel 2650 v2, 32GB DDR3, Windows 10 Enterprise, current using a RX 570 ( ignore this ), tested Brink using this rig as well using a WX 7100 & W5500. 

Tested Brink with the following cards which i have: WX 4100 = very bad performance doesn't matter which driver I'm using

WX 7100 = Works pretty good with Brink, 21.q3 drivers seems to have a slight performance boost, but most of the drivers work just fine.

Radeon Pro W5500 = very very bad performance similar to the WX 4100 doesn't matter the driver

FirePro W7000 = This card seem to work the best with Brink, superior performance, similar performance when running brink using my RX 570 max settings between 60-100fps easy. 

Just some notes: Latest Dell 5810 bios, updates to system, ram, OS, doesn't matter, the performance in Brink seem to come down to "what workstation gpu" not the drivers. 

You guys need to test out the game yourself and you see it. I understand workstation gpus are not made for gaming, but hey I' enjoy using them for the past 10 years for gaming, its all i use really. So i tend to do alot of testing on them for that purpose. Looking forward to buying the W6600 this holiday or next year. 


Sorry, we don't have access to gaming applications and accounts. See below the Price/Performance chart for the OpenGL benchmark SpecViewPerf 2020. W6600 would be a closer comparison to WX7100 in terms of budget.

SPECViewPerf 2020
Base Score
Increase / Decrease
Increase / Decrease
3dsmax-07 100 -1.03% 85.67%
catia-06 100 2.27% 51.60%
creo-03 100 7.78% 57.56%
energy-03 100 117.41% 230.34%
maya-06 100 21.78% 66.02%
medical-03 100 16.00% 81.65%
snx-04 100 -2.40% 65.45%
solidworks-05 100 -4.69% 75.22%


Yea I'm buying a w6600 soon. Overall testing games and video quality with the wx 7100 vs w5500, overall the w5500 is more powerful than the wx 7100 in terms of framerates(in most gaming apps), etc. But the wx 7100 seems to be more stable with gaming , but the w5500 video quality is way way better. So there's some ups and downs for both cards, but opengl in gaming is much better with the wx 7100 over the w5500. 

If you guys ever do some testing with brink which i think is a good way to test out opengl, would be nice if you guys can release a driver fix for the w5500, because brink and other opengl games using the w5500 is pretty bad. even more sad when a fire pro w7000 can outperform the w5500 with opengl games lol.