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Low fps / stutter

Hi guys, hoping someone could shed some light on a problem i am having. 
i have a hp omen gaming laptop ( Ryzen 7 5800h, rx 6600m gpu) 

im new to pc gaming so bear with me. Had the laptop for 8 months now and randomly jumped into a COD MW2 game and my fps would drop down to as low as 15fps and stutter. The only time i had this sort of thing before was when i had forgot to plug the power cable in. Everything was okay and drivers were all updated. Done some research and done a clean install of drivers and its worked okay for a day and its back to the problem. I had someone say try switching the power settings and put them back and see if that makes a difference and it didnt work. However i tried this again and in the omen software i changed to power setting to balanced and loaded into a game and it works perfectly fine, if not even better than it was in performance mode. I changed it back to performance and its back to low fps and stuttering. Switch back to balanced and it works. Does anyone know if there is a problem somewhere as for the best part of 8 months performance was working fine and now it seems to be broken.


Thank you

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Poor cooling makes laptop overheat with power setting, hence the issue. Personally I use laptops only when I have to and just for office/email as brand PCs, laptops included, almost always have cheap, underpowered coolers.

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@MADZyren is probably right. I had a laptop that would run the CPU up to 90c in most games sometimes crossing into the mid 90s, and when I called the manufacturer, they told me it was meant to run at that temperature. Thermal throttling may be occurring in your case and the balanced power plan could be preventing your hardware from stretching it's legs too much, stopping it from overheating and losing performance. 

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