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Adept I

Lost signal (black screen) + amdkmdap error?

The system:

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • Gigabyte 5700 8GB (GV-R578GD-B)
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64bit 1909
  • Driver version installed
    • 19.12.2 or 19.12.3
  • Display Devices
    • 25UM58-P on HDMI
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • Asus b250m- plus, BIOS 1205
  • CPU
    • i5 7400
  • Power Supply Unit
    • Corsair 600W
  • RAM
    • DDR3 Crucial 2x4gb 2400mhz


The issue:

The monitor goes black (lost signal) and the computer freezes. Usually that happens when the computer is idle at the lock screen but also happened whiile gaming.

I also noticed at the windows events viewer theres an warning error occouring a few times before the crashes:
"amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

Tried so far:

- Reinstall driver with DDU and AMD Cleanup
- Fresh windows install. (format)
- Reset MB Bios.
- Fully update windows and drivers.

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Adept I

Have the exact same problem with the MSI 5700XT Gaming X. This redditor claims to have found a solution. Lets see if it works. . Doesn't work at all.


His solution won't work for me for two reason:

I don't have a ryzen CPU and i haven't changed anything on radeon wattman.

It's been about 10 hours that i went back to the 19.12.1 driver (adrenalin 2019), until now i haven't got any crash or amdkmdap error.

That sucks because i would really like to use the new drivers.


Can confirm that the redditor's solution doesn't work. This is terrible, I don't even know how to make AMD fix their damn drivers. Even the support reps have no influence over what the driver development engineer teams do. Maybe in 17 months a report might land on the senior engineer's desk which might trigger the beginning of debugging. I wonder if the community moderator can contact an amd support representative who can contact their supervisor, who can contact their supervisor, who can contact their supervisor who can talk to someone with enough jurisdiction within the company, who can retrieve the company email of the lead engineer in charge of one of the teams that work on the 5700xt drivers.



We had major downclocking issues with the 19.12.1 driver with the Radeon VII so I tested out the new 19.12.3 driver and basically in any game, if you just idle ingame, the screen goes black and cuts off the GPU.

Tried many theories including increasing the powerlimit, voltage, powerplay tables, overvolt/undervolt, no luck in fixing the issue.

Event Viewer states an issue with amdkmdap, which is most likely related to the GPU downclocking and undervolting.

From my experience, this error is related to the GPU not allocating a stable dynamic voltage.

Its 100% a driver issue, after the GPU recovers, most of my processes vanish from the taskbar including my audio driver?

I'm out of ideas, if I find anything I'll let you know.

Adept I

Go back to the driver version 19.12.1 fixed the issue. =(((

Adept I

Just tried the new 20.1.1, the driver claims to have fixed:

Radeon Software may close or may experience a crash upon resuming from sleep.

Theres no fix at all! Same crash, same error... =(


All they did with the 20.1.1 is fix a few GUI errors, nothing regarding stability was updated with the driver.

It's a sad start to 2020.

Adept I

Just to report back.

The 20.1.3 driver it seens to have fixed the issue. Two weeks past with no amdkmdap crash or lost display signal.