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list of drivers issues (add yours)

Hi, i'm experiencing many issues.

- since many drivers releases, upon installing and/or uninstalling (at different stages) a black screen occur and a reboot is needed. both with factory reset on and off, and also using DDU or Amd cleanup utility.
- for many releases i get error 1603 at the end of the installation but the drivers seem to be correctly installed? tried with uninstalling and reinstalling each and every redistributable, running sfc/dism...
- drivers 22.7.1 hang system upon playing videos through netflix and prime video apps and also videos on firefox and edge (altough the latter is a bit better).
- drivers 22.8.1 seem to solve the issue for the browsers but not for the apps.


amd aorus master x570s
amd 5800x3d
amd 6900 xt
g.skill 3600 cl14 32gb
latest win11


feel free to add yours

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Re: saddenly, after the second system restart, prime video, Netflix app and edge stutters. There is something wrong with hardware acceleration or similar. Others are experiencing the same. Also, halo masterchief collection on windows 11 (windows store) has the same issue when opening xbox bar and/or when achievements are displayed, causing massive stuttering until they’re gone.


22.8.2 first release in months which doesn't give me error 1603 and/or black screen at installing\uninstalling the drivers.

Also, video playback issues solved too!