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Journeyman III

(Likely) RX 570 causing my PC to "freeze"

Ever since I upgraded a couple of parts about a year ago, I've had problems with my PC. I upgraded my motherboard, Ram, and installed a GPU (I had a Ryzen 5 2400g). On most occasions, my PC will stop updating my screen, and stop all noise (I get my sound from my PC, not my monitor). If I turn my monitor off, then back on, I get a solid green color. This happens much more often the more I use my GPU (gaming, rendering, etc.) I believe I've been able to narrow it down to my GPU (XFX RX 570 8GB Black Edition), as when I use my PC without it, it doesn't "freeze". I've tried reinstalling my drivers and getting old one (17 series) but nothing has worked. Has anybody been in the same situation and found a solution?

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