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Journeyman III

Latest drivers.

Hello! I have Sapphire RX 6900XT Toxic Air Cooled.
Still sitting on 22.11.2 as it is the most normal driver. Strangely enough, all drivers from 23.2.1-23.4.2 offer me only problems and discomfort. The problem is screen freezes in many games (after alt+tab everything becomes normal, but then the game hangs again in the same way after a while), such as Overwatch 2/Hunt Showdown/League of Legends/Valorant, and others.
I don't know, am I the only one with this problem? Just it has been more than 2 months, but this problem is still alive. Dear AMD, can you tell me when this problem will be fixed?
And if you are not aware of it, please pass it on to the appropriate department for fixing it. Thank you.

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For your future posts may I suggest a more descriptive title. Simply saying "latest drivers" is too generic to get meaningful attention or help.


For example, I have a bookmark to this forum to get info on the latest driver, so I go to @Ray_AMD 's post about the release notes, looks good so where's the link to get them...can't find it.  So i'd write a post saying "no driver link on release note page", which perfectly describes my complaint about the issue.