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Lack of 5.1 sound over hdmi , RX6800 , only stereo 2.0 available, can't set dolby theater

I have problem with HDMI sound over GPU.

I have bought Logiteh 906 5.1 speakers, good 2.1 HDMI cable, I'm connected to Samsung tv through HDMI ARC so it should receive 5.1 sound just fine. Even selected dolby atmos compatible  and all stuff that needed on tv. In windows all I cand do is send 2.0 sound over hdmi. I have tried reinstalling drivers, do voodo magic with CRU yet all the time I'm not able to enable 5.1 sound. 


Any help ? 

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Fun fact, netflix in windows is outputing Dolby Digital sound but as soon as I'm turning off movie, I can see that speakers console decode light turns off and goes back to 3D which is fake, extended 2.0. 

Journeyman III

I have the same problem with 6700xt. Only stereo available. LG oled B7, Samsung Q950t sound system and 2.1 hdmi cable. eArc connection between tv and soundbar. Removed/updated drivers. Everything else is working 100%. I had rtx2080 before and it worked with Dolby Atmos.



Same with my 6900xt and LG C1 with Onkyo via earc

I’ve lost any hope that i had. They will never going to fix it. Last AMD product for me. 


In Windows Sound Control Panel what Speaker Configuration does it show with your Logitech Z906 Speakers?

Can you set it from Stereo to 5.1 Speaker configuration?

Screenshot 2021-10-26 150056.png

The HTR-380 is my Onyko 5.1 Receiver. But to tell you the truth I have no sound from there. It stopped working for unknown reasons. It was working fine in the past. I have it connected via HDMI Cable. But I might have damaged the HDMI input to the Receiver while repairing the cabling from the speakers to the Receiver's Audio outputs.

When I click on "Test" in Sound Control Panel it shows each speaker working but I have no audio output from any of my speakers. I believe it is some conflict with Nvidia Audio driver and some other Audio driver.

If you have it set at 5.1 click on "Test" and see if you hear sound from all 6 speakers.

Also in Sound Control Panel do you have the Logitech Z906 Speakers as your Default?

It might be set for your TV set Audio which would be Stereo and not 5.1.


Adept I

Have a similar issue, my 6900xt is connected to a samsung qd-oled tv s95b via ultra speed hdmi cable, but still 5.1 and atmos output are not working properly with earc, with 5.1 rear sound channels and subwoofer audio are absent, dolby atmos is not applying and presents with error failed to play tone .


Anyone discovered a solution ?! This is from 2021 ?!  The cheapest solution is to sell my amd gpu and get a nvidia one, otherway i will buy a newer 2.1 avr and that will cost me an additional 1000$