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Adept III

Issue with newer Radeon drivers and Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

I have an interesting issue with the latest Radeon drivers (22.3.2 and newer - possibly 22.3.1 as well).  In a nutshell, when I connect to another computer on my network using Remote Desktop Connection, interacting with my system becomes laggy and what I would describe as "choppy".  Animations are no longer smooth, video playing is affected, and everything feels off.  Reverting to driver 22.2.3 or earlier resolves the issue.  

To clarify a few things, the system I am connecting from - i.e. my local desktop - gets laggy, and this is not about the connection to my remote system or the performance on the remote system to which I am connecting.  I am running a Radeon 6900 XT with an Intel 8086k CPU on an ASRock z377 Taichi motherboard.  Windows 10 ver. 21H1.  I have done some searching, but once you specify remote desktop in a search, the results all concern performance on the remote system, and I haven't seen anything like what I am describing.

I have not done a clean/factory install of the newer drivers as of yet, and I don't see any settings in the newer drivers that might cause desktop performance issues.

I'm wondering whether anyone has seen anything similar, if this is a driver bug or what else I might look at to troubleshoot.

Thanks for any input!

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Adept III

So... No one experiencing anything similar?  FWIW I have since tried driver versions since 22.3.2 through the current 22.5.1 and all behave the same.  I ran DDU prior to my last attempt to get things running with 22.5.1, but it didn't make any difference - I am still seeing my local system lag considerably whenever I use my remote desktop connection to another box.  I have also tried using less demanding connection settings and turned off shared resources but again, I saw no difference on my local system.  So I appear to be stuck using driver versions prior to 22.3.1 - currently using 22.2.1 which seems to be working well.

OK.  So after a couple of months with no progress on this issue and intermittent BSODs related to amdkmdag.sys (always while running Remote Desktop Client), I believe I have found a workaround/solution.   Using the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), under Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client, there is a setting "Do not allow hardware accelerated decoding."  Set this to enabled.  Once this is set, I no longer get the desktop lag when using RDC, and so far, have had no BSODs.  My fingers are crossed this will continue to be the case.  

Hopefully this will help someone with a similar issue.

Journeyman III

Hey man, thank you for this info. Worked for me

Nice!  I figured I couldn't be the only one experiencing that issue.  I am shocked with so many folks "working" from home that this doesn't come up more often.

Edit to add, I haven't had a single BSOD since making that change.

Journeyman III

I am still experiencing this issue with driver 23.04.2 on 6800XT (as RDP client). Thanks @drr0ck for sharing the mitigation.

With RDP hardware accelerated decoding turned on, moving windows around in an RDP session could be extremely laggy, and the GPU utilization on the RDP client machine could raise up to 60% in task manager. 

I am shocked how this could go unnoticed across so many driver releases.

Journeyman III

What happens during RDP is that the utilization of copy engine keeps being high:



Journeyman III

I also have experienced this with the latest 23.9.3 drivers. Remote Desktop is borderline unusable until the Group Policy is updated, and after that it seems a little sluggish without hardware acceleration.

This needs to be fixed so remote desktop can be used without having to do a whole bug fix on it first.

Note that the client group policy needs to be done on the system that has the AMD card and is being remoted into, and is the "Do not allow hardware accelerated decoding." group policy option. This is quite counter intuitive as the remote AMD system should actually be encoding, not decoding, and the option of 'Remote Desktop Connection Client' is set on the server.

I mounted a PC and started working from there, then I started to experience the exact same issue.

Searching on Google I came here. I'm using a RX 6600 with the driver version 23.12.1.

I'll try the policy thing and let you know how it works after some days.

Thanks for sharing.


I've bumped into this too, maybe it's related, I activated instant replay and instant GIF options recently in the AMD Adrenaline software.

I'm disabling both of them too.

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