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Journeyman III

Is anyones 5500xt having crashes?

My Sapphire Pulse 5500XT 4GB had so many crashes since I've installed it...
It crashed today about 10 +/-2 times and it's 4pm, there are some more crashes to come.

Any idea when you will fix this problem? I'm a web developer and I don't want to sit here for months till you fix it, I love AMD and stuff but 2 months to fix this problem should be plenty.

I have some windows dump files for ya.

2 Replies

you should rma it,... Probably broken and if not at least you know it's not. 

I had the weirdest issues with my 5700XT, after 2 months I sent it to the manufacturer, after a few weeks I got my money back from my reseller. 

Journeyman III

I have the same problem, this start 3 days ago whit black screen and one day pc crash while lighting, I reset all and now when I install drivers of my amd rx 5500 xt  8gb dual evo, all crash and I need enter in safe mood to disable drivers, sorry for my bad "english" jaja