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I have a Ryzen 5 2600g (something like that), it was given to me by my friend. He said that he disabled it's iGPU because he got 2060. Now, I'm testing it and doesn't have display. I'm not sure if because of disabled iGPU or faulty motherboard.


If it's a disabled iGPU, how do I re-enable it?



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First, there was not a 2600G. There was a 2200G and a 2400G with Vega integrated graphics. There was also a 2600 and 2600X without integrated graphics.

Second, it's not possible to "disable" the integrated graphics on a processor. Yes you can disable integrated graphics with a motherboard BIOS setting but if you move the CPU to another board or reset the board settings it is automatically re-enabled.

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It's a Ryzen 5 3400g.


I thought the motherboard is dead, but with a different ram and the CMOS Battery being removed. It's working now.


The good news is that you can likely re-enable it through the BIOS settings. Access your BIOS by pressing the designated key (DEL, F2, or Esc) during startup. Look for settings related to graphics or display and find the option to enable the iGPU (labeled "Integrated Graphics," "IGD," etc.). Save your changes and restart your computer. If BIOS doesn't work, double-check cable connections and try using the motherboard's video output instead of the dedicated graphics card (if still installed).