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Adept I

Instant Replay is causing my driver to crash every single time. Even when there's no game running.

Hello, there's an issue that I don't know is only exclusive to me.
I'm asking for your opinion and help because this is the first time i got an AMD GPU.

Ryzen 7 7700X (set back to default BIOS settings)
XFX Merc 310 7900 XTX (default settings no OC, UV)
Gigabyte Aorus B650 Elite AX
Trident Z5 6600 MHz 32GB DDR5
Samsung 980 Pro NVME
Seasonic Prime Gold 1200W

Instant Replay is causing my driver to crash every single time. Even when there's no game running.

The OBS conflict:
Whenever I open my OBS and apply any Game Capture, the whole PC freezes and AMD Driver Timeout warnings appear.  
This ONLY happens if Instant Replay is ENABLED. If that is off, OBS works fine.

Strangely, when the Display Timeout occurs, it crashes the game (naturally) and also Discord. I wonder why. 

I checked on Discord OBS groups and I sent them the logs, and they mentioned to report it to AMD, that OBS seems to be having difficulty 'finding my display driver' (as if it's unplugged) and hence it crashes, this is a driver issue people said. Here's the part of my OBS log that the discord peeps asked me to share to AMD:


The Instant Replay Crash:
I can't use Instant Replay at all as well, because it will make my driver Timeout every minute or so, as long as it is ENABLED. I can't save any replays at all.

At first, I thought it's my codec, but it still crashes every minute. I can't play any game or graphic program as long as Instant Replay is ON.


What I tried:
-Several reinstalls using DDU.
-This is a new PC, so it's pretty much clean install of Windows 10.

So my ONLY solution right now is to turn Instant Replay OFF.

If anyone can help, or an AMD mod can see this, I hope it can be fixed.  

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Journeyman III

Yep, I have the same issue.

I picked up a new 7900 XT about a month ago. This morning I enabled Instant Replay when going through some driver settings and figured I may as well enable it to see if it's a function I would use long term. I tried playing games tonight and I kept crashing after only 2-5 minutes of gameplay, I wasn't sure what was going on as my system has been stable for years previously, and the whole month of having the new GPU has been fine up until today.

I removed my OC on CPU/RAM, went to default BIOS settings, updated BIOS, tried new RAM kits, updated drivers and even underclocked the GPU. None of that worked and I was lost as to what was wrong with the system. I remembered the only thing I had really changed today was Instant Replay. Low and behold, I disabled that function and the crashes instantly stopped happening. I can't believe such a simple little feature was causing so much trouble.

Same, I also RMA'ed or my GPU which would be so much of a hassle as I have no spare.   It's my first time to AMD from Nvidia.

Adept I

I am experiencing the same issue with my 7900 XTX. Whenever I try to use Instant Replay, it crashes some games or randomly shuts down while I am doing something else. However, I have found that by running fps cap, the problem is somewhat resolved, although I am not sure why it works.


Hello do you mean the FPS cap in game or the limiter in Adrenalin itself? Thanks

I tried both it seems like it doesn't matter. But if I have to guess I would say that AMD cap from the adrenalin would be better because maybe you can forget to do it on some games and suddenly it will crash where if you do it from the Adrenalin it does it for every game.

Adept I

Same problem, Instant replay is clearly the problem. Off = fine, On = crashes on any application that even uses a bit of the GPU.

7900 xtx, 23.5.1 drivers


yep idk what it is

Journeyman III

Yeah, I'm having the exact same issue on my 7900xtx. Have you been using AV1 encoding on the instant replay?


I was, yes. But it still happened even with any other types of codec. So all in all, Instant Replay is off forever. Sucks to be honest. But I got used to it. recording still works perfectly well. Just not instant replay. 

Adept I

Hi, i've 7900xtx red devil, 13600k, ddr5 6400mhz, windows 11 (i've try 23.9.1, 23.9.2, 23.9.3, 23.10.01, 23.30 drivers)

All game never crash driver, (for example cyberpunk, the last of us, hogwarts legacy, a plague tale requiem, alan wake2)

With this game, never never never crash. And these games we all know are very heavy compared to the one where I have problems.

When i play battlefield 2042 some times gpu drivers crash. 

I've read this I have this error on the windows event log 


I have never had bsod, but simply the warning as if you disconnected the gpu from the pc and the drivers in error.
I noticed with drivers 23.30 (yes they are beta I know but I'm using afmf for alan wake2) that instant replay occasionally crashes and doesn't generate video recording for me.
I could try disabling it but I don't understand why I only crash the drivers on 1 game compared to much heavier titles.


From what I can tell the video card memory is somehow getting filled all the way and the card can't resolve it. The problem I was having with my 7900 XTX red devil was in the instant replay. If it was on I can play for like 15 minutes then in freezes the screen. (Luckily they fixed it for me with the new drivers a couple months ago). Try disabling the INSTANT REPLAY. And tell me what happened.

Hi, i've fixed using 1110mv with bf2042, now work very well