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Drivers & Software

Adept I


Hi, should i got a radeon rx 6700 xt, should i install enterprise 22.q4 or adrenalin 22.5.1, so i get the newest uppdates to the graphic card.

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The Consumer Adrenaline driver is optimized for Gaming and other entertainment apps while the Professional Enterprise driver is optimized for professional or Business type apps.

Both types are constantly updated but at different times.

so i am a gamer, so i go for the adrenaline? even is enterprise is recomend?

ty for fast answer

Yes I would go with the Consumer Adrenaline driver since you have a Consumer GPU card for gaming.

Adept I

should i have 22.11.2 or 22.5.1(recomended) . and should i install amd privacy veiw?