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Adept I

Install chipsets Driver problem

Describe your system:

  • Desktop
    • Nvidia Geforce 210 (Version 341.02)
    • Windows 10 x64 (Build 17115.rs4) (Insider)
    • MSI XPower Gaming Titanium BIOS (V 1.9) - X370 (V 17.7)
    • CPU AMD Ryzen 1800X
    • EVGA 650W Gold
    • RAM G-Skill 16 GB (3200 Mhz) (2x8GB)
    • SSD Samsung 960 EVO 250 GB (M.2)

Describe your issue:

  • The problem is that the manufacturers in their respective software, the installation is done differently than the official AMD driver, just like that:
    • Manufacturer MSI (17.40.2011) (1.22 GB)

C: \ Program Files \ AMD \ CIM

    • and AMD official (18.10)  (64.9 MB)

Don't run well (Task Manager -  Pages Error 9.877)

1 Reply

You need to modify the .ini file of the AMD Chipset to have it install in a AMD Motherboard with a Non-AMD GPU card. This answer has what you need to do from a previous thread:Cant install tr4 chipset driver amd-chipset-drivers_18.10_feb error 173 ????

There is a bug in AMD Chipsets that prevents it from installing on a AMD motherboard with a Non-AMD GPU Card installed. I have the same problem but there is a workaround for it. This is the Thread that explains all the problems people are having with this issue but it does give a workaround fix in being able to install AMD Chipsets on a AMD motherboard with a Non-AMD GPU card installed: .

Sometimes updating the BIOS and Motherboard (if it is Intel) Chipsets helps with newer AMD Drivers to install correctly.