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Journeyman III

Image Corruption, missing HDCP (UHD), broken Textfont (XFX 6900XT Merc319 Limited Black)

Hi there,

since last week i have the GPU called above and im recieving multiple issues with that. My system is the following:

LG OLED 48C17LB, i9 9900K, Asus Rog Strix Z390-F (2004 Bios), XFX RX6900XT Merc319 Limited Black Edition (Primary Bios), 32GB G.Skill F4-3200C16D-32GTZSW, Be Quiet SP11 750 Watt.

I have the GPU connected by HDMI 2.1.

So first of it starts with the game "Apex Legends" whenever i choose 3840x2160 Resolution i get weird graphical artifacts on certain foliage. When i chose a lower resolution of 2560x1440 the Problem straight up gets removed and appears with the higher resolution again.



Ran OCCT VRAM Test, 60 Minutes: No Error, 30 Minutes: No Error

Ran Memtest86: No Error.

Screenshot of Apex Legends issue:


See Screenshots here:  

The next thing is the broken HDCP Chain with this Card, i cannot recieve any UHD, HDR etc. Content on Amazon Prime Video with it. Cables are all fine, beeing connected to Playstation 5 this issue does never exist. However when i plug the Ps5 cable into that GPU and use it for the PC, the cable seems to get corrupted and breaks the HDCP chain on PS5 aswell when i plug it back in, so i cant recieve UHD anymore on the PS5 for a certain amount of time untill i shut it down with that  cable.

A new problem ive encountered is that i also have weird pixelated textfont by now since ive formated the system and reinstalled a fresh W10.

Ive tried many things by now, using multiple WQHL Drivers (March, January, last year October), updating to Windows 11 (wich caused an insane amount of new problems) and a complete fresh install of Windows 10.

Also i checked many driver release notes and by so far i could only find a Windows 7 driver that might states my issue i have, with high resolution high, refresh rate screens geting corrupted by RX6900 XT Graphics Cards when beeing connected with HDMI 2.1 under the Windows 7 section. ) 

  • Some high refresh rate, high resolution TV displays may experience corruption when connected via HDMI on Radeon RX 6000 series graphics products.

Is this issue further spread across multiple operating systems ? So far i can only see this issue happening in Apex Legends, Lost Ark, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Death Stranding, WRC10 and other games do NOT show any sign of corruption.

As this GPU is not very old im suspecting a broken AMD Driver as of now since theres no issue elsewhere, however im within the 14 days range and after that it will get very difficult to send back a "partial broken" GPU that only shows corruption within a single Game.

Any help and investigation would be appreciated here. I mean, ive had few years ago 2 AMD GPUs, one of the HD 7000 Imagecorruption Series that couldnt even handle a browser without corruption and a Vega64 which was way better than the crapcards of 2012. The RX6900XT looks much better as of now in terms of drivers and not having this many AMD exclusive corruption issues, however it would be nice to get this solved ASAP.

I really started to like  the 6900 XT card of XFX, however i would like to get atleast rid of the missing HDCP compability and the image corruption of Apex Legends - nothing else i need to become happy with this card.

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