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iGPU - AMD Encoding(s) "Quality" vs Intel

Please i need clarification for this as it is most important for me and my work.

All the info, samples and some screenshots are available on github GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs  AMD AMF


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If I offer help and it doesn't work you might SUE me,  plus you don't have all your system drivers updated before asking for help. so... sorry but I'll let someone else try and help.
But I'll help you with this bit since it can't get me sued and will actually help you, since you don't clearly state your hardware:

OP is using a Laptop with a : zen 2 5500U
Using  old drivers : Driver Version 23.19.02 - from Feb       (Current is 23.9.3.)
Good luck! honestly hope you get it solved.


Mate no offence but you should probably use glasses !

Entering like a fly into a conversation without checking facts first is bad mate !


Conversation with who?
Actually I did check FACTS in your github I did READ it to try and help,but I guess i do need those glasess!

But I'll try and help you a bit more since you seem to have forgotten or not read your own stuff and I quote:

"The tests where done on my laptop Lenovo with IPS screen 0 pwm (pulse width modulation, meaning no headaches no eyes balls hurt), zen 2 5500U with multi rebranded igpu renoir aka vega 7 cores units. total laptop power consumption 55 watt !
drivers at time of writing this,
Driver Version 23.19.02-230831a-396094C-AMD-Software-Adrenalin-Edition"
is that not correct, is that not what you posted?
Also you are using 3rd party custom made encoders not official by AMD:
a. TranscodeHW.exe ( AMD AMF 1.3.40 )
b. VCEEncC64.exe ( VCEEncC 8.16 custom build with FFMpeg 6.0 snapshot 25-sep-2023 and AMD AMF 1.3.40 )
c. ffmpeg.exe ( FFMpeg 6.0 snapshot 25-sep-2023 with AMD AMF support )
OS is Windows 10 iOT LTSC 21H2 x64

So again if you read the release notes you would notice that the AMD encoder has been worked on and improved, so again double check the encoders you are using that are also up to date and UPDATE your video drivers THEN test again, if it's still doing the same THEN, ask for help.
You really can't ask for help with outdated things and 3rd party stuff and expect a correct or good answer, as there are many variables on your end that could be WRONG.

ps: another quote:
"Additional context
Draw your own conclusions !
Is AMD selling broken products ?!
Is AMD good to be sued for this, sure it is !"
So take your own advice and draw your own conclusions.
So update, test and if you want report back.
Have a great day and good luck!