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Journeyman III

Idle GPU Spikes and high temperature

I have only Discord, steam and Firefox open (besides the background apps like anti virus, icue, etc.) and my card just does these spikes. I'de like to know if its normal...

Second thing is the idle temperature. I have good ventilation and room temp varies from 22 to 37 (usualy i have air conditioning whay before that) and it sits around 50 degres. I've pumped up fan speed but I'm afraid to go higher...

If i do go higher, do i need to change the acoustic and energy limit (i dont get that stuff) ?

I get really worried about GPU temp cause i live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and its really hot here most of the time. I also want my GPU to last as long as possible with high performance.

My PC is a Dell Inspiron 5675

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.4 GHz

RX 570 4GB

16gb RAM

07PR60 A02 motherboard