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Journeyman III

I'm newbie in this stuff, can someone help?


   I have a laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx CPU, and AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Mobile Graphics GPU.  The main issue, to keep this short, videos lag/freezes sometimes. And as i wanted to update the drivers, when i downloaded AMD Adrealine, it wouldn't let me install, and windows shows that - this pastedImage_1.png

Maybe someone can help, as i unfortunately don't understand so much about this kind of stuff! 

Thanks in advance! 

P.S Sorry for grammar mistakes.

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This is the correct driver for your laptop. It is the only driver you install:

AMD Drivers and Support for Radeon, Radeon Pro, FirePro, APU, CPU, Ryzen, desktops, laptops 

I would add that you should get the driver from your laptops maker preferably as they may make customization to that driver for your model. Many laptops are changed by the maker to not quite be in reference specs. When that happens they may need to modify the driver. The vanilla drivers from AMD may not have those optimizations that the driver from HP or Lenovo or whoever made your laptop, does.


Not sure why AMD bothers with separate laptop and desktop drivers, it's not all that different