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Journeyman III

I have problems with the ryzen 7 4700u driver, can you help me please

Hello, I have a ryzen 7 4700u processor, how can I install the driver for it? I tried very hard, but I could not look at the device manager. The driver year seems to be 2009, thank you for your help.InkedEkran görüntüsü 2021-02-16 180758_LI.jpg

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The drivers you are looking at in Device Manager concerning your APU processors are Special native Windows processor drivers that are installed with Windows.

These drivers are automatically updated each time you upgrade your Windows OS version.

There are no specific processor driver to download for a processor unless it is for the Integrated Graphics like the one you have installed.

The only driver available to download is the AMD Driver for your Integrated Vega Graphics on your 4700U APU Processor.

So just ignore the drivers in Device Manager for your Processors. There is nothing you can do to those special drivers except upgrade your Windows OS.