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Journeyman III

I have a problem with my GPU R7 M440

My problem is that my discrete video card is R7 M440:
1. shows as R7 M340
2. In the task Manager it is loaded under 0%
3. All processes pass through an integrated video card(R5 Graphics)
I do not know what to do in this situation, because the drivers are all new and I have reinstalled the system many times.
Please help me solve this problem.Новый точечный рисунок (3).bmpНовый точечный рисунок (2).bmp

My Laptop: HP 17-y009ur

APU: A8-7410 with R5 Graphics
GPU: Radeon R7 M440 
RAM: DDR3 - 12gb
OC: Win 10 x64

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Re: I have a problem with my GPU R7 M440

Go to HP Support and download and install HP AMD Graphics driver and see if your GPU is recognized correctly and works correctly.

HP Support download for your laptop: HP Notebook - 17-y009ur (ENERGY STAR) Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support 

Make sure your laptop has the latest BIOS and CHIPSET installed.

AMD Generic laptop drivers may not show the correct GPU in your laptop but it will be compatible.

Also you need to install the APU AMD Graphics driver which will both install the R5 & R7 Graphics driver.

You can download your APU driver from here: 

You can try AMD Previous laptop APU drivers from here: 

Journeyman III

Re: I have a problem with my GPU R7 M440

I am the user of ideapad 320 with amd A12 processor and dual GPU that is r7 and r7 m440 have struggling finding right configuration that in the end... The best choice is

-activate switchable gpu on power


- maximum memory on msconfig.exe

- increase paging file

- and the most important is " DISABLING AMD CROSSFIRE "Aka dual graphic feature... Is the right option

Let the application automaticlly chose the discreet graphic for performance setting.

Windows 10 will not reading your r7 m440 having a vram because is that not having own vram but shared (4gb that writen on desc) with your physcal ram that 8 GB or something elese.


Let me tell you lenovo ideapad 320 with A12 apu r7 is discontinued product giving me stress for 4 years but now i found my way playing watchdogs 2 on 50 fps.. just follow my instruction. 

Don't tell me , i was trying for 4 years ..  asking why it using PCI express 3.0 instead 1.0 , why task manager read the dedicated only 512mb, is that any setting on bios? But my bios doesnt have advance setup. Well i glad i knowing that what i said before and can work and sleep better 





Journeyman III

Re: I have a problem with my GPU R7 M440

@Irriefda  can you tell me more about that i have the same laptop