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Adept II

I give up now, bye! – Radeon RX 5700

The final straw has now been pulled; I can’t take it anymore with this card

Asus AMD Radeon RX 5700


AMD what the hell is up with your 5700 Card!


So I have now had this computer for 4 months now, the road has been nothing but chaotic, computer randomly freeze, black screen of death, stuttering, god, the list just goes on.

I have mange to learn what I am allowed to do on the computer and what I am not allowed to do And also I have tried their suggestion on the forum I have been given, but no luck. I have carefully followed AMD forum; everyone seems to have their unique little issue with 5700 cards.


So, what pulled the final straw?

The patch, 19.12.2

The whole computer went &%¤!ing insane!

Freese on start up on windows, every game stutter and freezes. Tried to twek in Readon settings, I do a DDU, It did not solved the problem. Do you at AMD even know what you are doing?


I have pulled every wire of hot fix and solution in these 3/4 months, and I don’t even want to think about how many hours I have now spent Trying to get this junk to work! Weekends robbed.


And to put more salt on everything, You AMD, are you even communicating with us!?

Where are you?


I’m disappointed AMD

Great to see that you have push greedy intel from the book shelf with your Ryzen CPU, but youuu have a lot of work to do with you GPU cards. Seriously!

I’m sending this computer back now, and force them to change it to a Nvidia or something ells.

Full specc

Asus AMD Radeon RX 5700 – patch 19.12.1


Ryzen 7 2700x - water cooled

PSU 850

16 gig 2666mHz


I will Never buy a Radeon card again.


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Adept III

Welcome to AMD.

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble, please try to reinstall Windows and report back, once you lost a full day doing that and another day reinstalling all your programs, you will never hear back from us, just keep reporting the problems you have thinking it will get fixed.

Thanks for understanding.


Acord,  I have definitely had some disappointments with this GPU upgrade (RX5700 XT) but it really does sound like there may be another issue at play with your system.  I have had LOTS of similar issues to yours with my system, and it was based around mt RAM and/or BIOS.  With both my Ryzen 2400g and especially my new 3600,  They are soooo bitchy about memory and Bios versions.  even though the 3rd gen Ryzen is supposed to be able to run even higher ram clocks, I found even with my 2nd gen If I just tweaked it a bit,  I would be getting the same results as you describe.   Until this very most recent BIOS release if I tried to run my ram in it's XMP profile my rig was completely unstable.  You list your ram at 2666, so that's pretty slow but maybe loosen your timings or swap some other RAM, because it's not just gen3 Ryzens that are RAM picky, even previous ones can be.  I would look at that, and the BIOS (update, check settings/voltages etc) before giving up.  Good luck!

Adept I

its asus fault i think not amds.
the custom cards have to low soc voltage, that can be changed with the more power tool uo to driver version 19.12.1

with 19.12.2 something in the registry changed so we have to wait for a new mpt version or a soc voltage slider in the adrenalin driver software. >.>


Comment edited to preserve sanity.


Yeah make sure you get a refund.

I feel your pain, I'm in the same situation right now with the Radeon VII black screen of death on idle.

I have flashed the GPU 4 times now, edited Powerplay Tables, OC, UC, OV, UV, no joy what so ever.

Shame on you AMD Team.

Adept I

Stupid question but: You run the 2700X on a A320 Chipset Motherboard and you are wondering that you are having trouble? Or did I missunderstand something in your system specs?

Big Boss

running a high end card on the bottom of the line motherboard, go get an X470 motherboard


It seems, from his description, that this was a "pre-assembled" already built PC, so he may want to put some blame on whatever company it was who decided to put that specific combination of parts together into a "pre-built", especially if it wasn't a super deal.   If you can't get any help from the seller now,  I would certainly get a decent x470, some quality RAM, and give everything else they included a real good inspection.

   I prefer to build my own system, because then it's a little easier to troubleshoot, but if you feel you must go pre-built you should try to stick with well known top brands, but you will also be paying extra for the quality name.

   I don't think swapping a green card in that machine will end your troubles at all, and a quality updated MB is alot less than a new GPU.

Good Luck.