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Adept I

I found why CSGO is so sharp and stuck at retrieving server info (MayBe)

Hello, guys! 

I have found something interesting yesterday. 

And yes! As you read in title i found some "fixes" for 6000 series and CSGO. I am not 100% if one of the fixes 100% work but i hope the best.

Problem 1: First of all, and the most annoying is the sharp effect while enabling the gpu scaling (wich is good for fast alt tab and swiching resolutions).

How to solve: There are two ways, both have advantages and disadvantages.

P1SA: Disable Gpu scaling if it's enabled by default.

Advantage: No more sharpen effect, high performance.

Disadvantage: Very slow Alt-Tab; Dont even try to change resolution when you are connected to a server (it will take an eternity to change).

P1SB:Enable GPU scaling and Radeon super resolution (Graphics tab). There you have sharpen effect and place it to 0.

Advantage: **bleep** good quality (my case: 768p ->1080p)

Disadvantage: slowing performance a bit; it's upscaling method. Wich i dont like it for cs go.


Problem 2: The csGo infinite loading time. Stuck at "retrieving server info" or "initializing world".

For this one i am not 100% sure but i hope it will work for you too.

P2S: Disable above 4g decoding and rebar.  

I know... no more SAM. But with 4g decoding on or rebar on, game crash. 

DON'T USE "-DISABLE_d3d9ex" or"-d3d9ex" or whatever. Just don't use them. Those are crashing the game.

I hope 2023 drivers come with more fixes than features.


My configuration:

B550 Aorus PRO v2


Hyperx fury beast 3600 cl17 (cl16)

Rog Strix 6700xt

980pro 250gb 

Seasonic s12 iii 650w 80+ bronze.


I am sending to amd a message. Please delete the sharpen effect with gpu scaling on. (Low resolution). Or atleast create a sub setting who allow you to change sharp effect. The radeon super resolution eat much resources in CSGO.

I trusted you and i still do. Do something for you clients. We all wait for you!


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Adept I

Those who want to improve something. Let's make amd notice our problem. Please like and comment to make it a high post to be noticeable!

I want to see how much ylu care about this problem.


Adept I

For csgo loading I've found that spamming ALT + TAB helps to load faster. And disabling SAM and Above 4g decoding doesn't help in csgo, only in FH5, there if I disable SAM I have 0 stutters. 

PC specs:

  • Ryzen 5 5600g (I've left it on auto settings because I see no reason for OC on that CPU)

  • RX 6600 Sapphire Pulse

  • 16GB (2x8 G.Skill FlareX 3200 C14, XMP Enabled)

  • B550 Aorus Elite V2

  • 256GB SATA SSD for OS

  • 1TB WD SN850 for games

  • 500GB WD Blue HDD for other stuff and some games when I have no space on the other SSD

  • 750W Corsair CX750 80+ Bronze

  • Windows 11 Build 22621.1194 Insider Preview (Release Preview channel)