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Adept II, on reboot windows 11 beta

OK, this has been happening for the last week, I use GPU observer to watch my Radeon RX-580x video card. System restarts have in this time frame brought up the message that has this link to follow:  The Radeon control panel will not open and my GPU observer shows NO data even though it has my card listed.

The only way I have been able to fix the issue is to use the AMD cleanup program to uninstall the video drive and my x470 chipset drivers, upon these installing everything works normally until i either shut the system down or have to restart, then the system does a ring 0 restart and I loose all control of my video and monitoring apps. I have tried stopping windows from updating drivers using the hardware tab and selecting stop updating drivers, disabling that via regedit and the group policy, none has worked.

I am wondering if this error message is not displaying the actual error or problem, I need a bit of help here to figure out what is the real issue.

System specs: AMD MSI X470 motherboard, Radeon RX-580x video card, 2 Samsung 970 m.2 drives one for the OS and one for my games, I am an Avid gamer, being retired atm,

16gig DDR 4 @1500 Ryzen 5 5600X CPU  All hardware has had their drivers updated to newest available.

Any suggestions would be appreciated



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