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Adept I

How to install Radeon Pro Software for enterprise on Radeon R7 M340

I want to install Radeon Pro Software for enterprise on Radeon R7 M340. i have tried more than 3 times in different version and the result is failed or the installation is finish but the driver was not installed. Can someone help me? considering that i am not gamer, but i use my computer for Computer Aided Design. And AMD have told that the Radeon Pro Software for enterprise could be installed in amd radeon graphics.

"Starting in 19.Q2, AMD is including Radeon products in our Enterprise driver. This is being done in consideration of the fact that enterprises use both professional, commercial, and consumer hardware. This driver is recommended for Radeon hardware being used in commercial use cases with productivity applications. This includes users who need to review CAD data as part of their workflow. It is not recommended for gaming. Workstation performance, features, and application certifications do not apply to Radeon hardware and no end user benefit will be observed without Radeon Pro hardware." (source : amd-radeon-pro-software-for-enterprise-21.Q1.2.pdf)

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Adept I

@fsadough please help me.


The information is not sufficient to debug the issue.

What is the make and model of your laptop?

Can you please provide an AMDZ Report?

AMDZ Report
- Please extract the available from
- Run amdz.exe file as an Administrator
- Select “Save All“ and “TXT“ as the output format
- Click on the blue button to save the report
- The .txt file will be saved in the same folder where you extracted the zipped file