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Journeyman III

How to fix screen tearing with gpu scaling?

I have a 1280x1024 75Hz monitor and usually using gpu scaling for playing games in 720p with black bars. But when gpu scaling is enabled(for black bars on top and bottom of screen) i can only set 60Hz and even if game is limited to 40fps I always get screen tearing. Also with gpu scaling enabled V-sync in games are limiting fps to 30.  Is there any way to fix gpu scaling or enable black bars without it?

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You could try making a custom resolution. Set you desktop to native 1280x1024@75, then go into radeon settings -> display -> create custom resolution.

Change vertical resolution and V. Timing display to 720, then hit save. You should now have a 720p 75Hz mode.

I do have 1280x720@75 mode now, but there are some more problems. 1)I have one huge black bar on top insted of two (one on top and one on bottom). 2)Games are still stretch 720p mode for full screen. Second problem can be fixed by adding custom 1280x720@60 mode(looks like some games just can't work at 75Hz), but then first problem appears as well. The main issue is screen stretching. I want to play with normal black bars that appears with gpu scaling enabled, but i can't use gpu scaling because of terrible screen tearing effect.


So the issue here seems to be that you can't use GPU scaling at 75Hz for some reason? Even with custom resolution the GPU scaling doesn't work at 75Hz? I'm not sure what to tell you. GPU scaling should work regardless of the refresh rate.

It can be tricky sometimes to get a game to run at the right refresh rate. Like Crysis and Crysis 2, for me they were always stuck at 24Hz. I fixed it somehow eventually.

Sorry but I can't really think of anything else to suggest.