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Journeyman III

How many drivers you going to release w broken fan curves?

AMD fix this...ffs.  People are 4 or 5 drivers behind because you guys apparently cant make a fan curve properly work.  It's all over reddit so I am not going to waste my time explaining it.  Fix it.

2 Replies

Since this is more of an general opinion then asking for specific help on your GPU card. You should post this question in "General Discussions". You might get more feedback from other Users.

Also worth mentioning is that this thread topic is already being discussed so you should search for the current topic before starting additional threads. Also know that since your apparent goal is to rant to AMD, that theses forums are NOT AMD EMPLOYEES, THEY ARE AMD USER TO USER FORUMS ONLY, you are only ranting to other users like yourself who may or may not share your opinion. This is explained right in the forum headers.

If you want to yell at AMD, or more productively ask for their help you can only do that by opening a support ticket as it is the only official way to to open a dialogue with AMD. The more people that officially complain the more they realize they have a real problem going on: Online Service Request | AMD 

If you are interested in being a part of the ongoing topic of this discussion, I actually started that thread topic 3 weeks ago: