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Journeyman III

how do i start "AMD onboard RAID Option ROM Utility"?

I want to configure 2 HDDs as RAID. The "AMD RAID Installation Guide" (provided with my Mobo driver DVD) keeps mentioning the "AMD onboard RAID Option ROM Utility". But the guide never provides info on how to start it. Can anyone provide this info?

E.g., it states:

"Power on your system. If this is the first time you have booted with the disk drives installed, the AMD onboard RAID Option ROM Utility will display the following screen"

I can not find info on how ot start the utility. Plus, I already had booted with my HDDs installed. So this screen should not show, either. Of course, the guide does not say what would happen in my case.

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You didn't mention any details about your computer setup as to Make & Model of Motherboard, GPU, Drives, CPU nor Windows, AMD Raid and BIOS versions installed.

Found this from ASRock concerning RAID installation. It is most likely out-dated but may still help you find how to enter the RAID ROM Utility:


Seems like from a Google search that each Motherboard manufacturer has it own AMD RAID Guide to install AMD RAID.

I have attached both ASRock PDF and AMD RAID QUICK Guide to this reply for you to view if interested.

I have those 2 documents, provided with my mobo. None of them mention that pressing CTRL+R will open the AMD onboard RAID ption ROM Utility. But my RAID installation guide states that pressing CTRL+F will open the main menu... but that is when I would already have entered the untility.

I will try it nevertheless. Maybe the manual is just bad (it is).


Seems like the CTRL+R is enabled on a Legacy BIOS and not a UEFI BIOS.

But either way, That is all I know about RAID. One of the AMD Forums Moderators is knowledgeable about installing RAID on a computer. But if he doesn't reply then someone else who is knowledgeable about RAID will need to help you.

Good luck