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Journeyman III

how do i know what APU driver to select for A10 Extreme Edition Radeon R8, 4C+8G

Hello everyone, 

After installing Fortnite on my HP Pavilion Notebook I got a message telling me to update the graphics card driver.

I didn't realise I needed to update the APU driver, and so just installed graphics driver and then found the graphics card won't work properly

I've tried to roll back drivers (option not available) and to use the AMD Radeon Installer software to update drivers properly, but to no avail.

I've been looking at the driver list on the AMD support page but can't work out which driver I need to manually select, can anyone help please?

Processor is AMD A10 Extreme Edition Radeon R8, 4C+8G

Graphics cards are Radeon R7 Graphics (this is the integrated one, right?) and Radeon R7 M360

What should I choose?!


Any advice is gratefully received - I have a 10yr old desperate to get onto Fortnite!

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