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Journeyman III


How can I disable hotkeys in AMD Radeon? I don't want to manually delete all my hotkeys because I use them when gaming but when I am programming I want to disable them for some time. How do I do this? 

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Journeyman III


Same problem here.
I've requested this to AMD in the beginning of 2020. No answer or whatsoever regarding this (stupid & forced feature).
In a programmer perspective the fact that a user is forced to deal with something forced ends up in user harassment and / or in a user unfriendly application.

What you could do (even though not feasible) is to change the hotkey to something else (which eventually will interfere with something else)...

Let's pray that AMD can see this problem and place an option to disable Hotkeys.
I simply don't understand why this wasn't implemented yet. It's a very simple thing to do...

Click the CTRL+SHIFT+S Hotkey and Press DELETE.
This will unbind the Hotkey.