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Journeyman III

High VRAM usage no matter the Refresh Rate

Hello, I recently bought a new monitor (AOC 24G2SPU - 1920x1080 - max 165Hz) and while checking some settings on the AMD Driver I saw that the VRAM was stuck at 1740MHz even in idle, with the GPU (RX6600) also having questionably high temperatures.

It looked weird so I decided to search a bit more and a lot of people have that same issue apparently BUT they all say that when they put their Refresh rate down to 60Hz it goes back to normal, which is not my case: I tried many times to check if the VRAM speed would drop if I reduced the Refresh rate but no, 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz they all have the same VRAM Speed.
I also noticed that my GPU is having way higher temperatures than before which I think is due to high VRAM usage: with the Zero Rotation Speed option on, the GPU peaks at around 56°-57°

Some say that it's for the GPU to compensate the power that the Monitor needs to avoid problems, but I am skeptical about it as high VRAM can "kill" the GPU faster (If I'm correct?) and that's not something that I want to happen (obviously)

I wonder if it could be due to the better DisplayPort cable that might allow the Monitor to get more power? But I have no idea about it. 

What can I do to fix this issue? Or is it supposed to happen?







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