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Adept I

High VRAM Clock on idle


First sorry for my bad english.

My RX 5700 still runs at 75 Hz while idling at 1750 MHz.

Switching to 74 Hz or less doesn't change anything (only 1 Monitor connected)
Only at 60 Hz does the Vram drop to 200 MHz (but that can't be the solution)

Since the problem persists, I found a HowTo in a large German PC forum:

However, AMD needs to be able to do this in the driver himself instead of the user resorting to third-party tools!

The problem has been around for so long and it keeps reporting and nothing is done! (nvidia had the same problem but fixed it)

So please have a look at it again, it's just unnecessary power consumption + heat / noise.

You would make many people happy.

Thanks in advance :)

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