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Journeyman III

HEVC Instant Replay causing certain games to crash and black screen on drivers 22.3-22.5+

Driver 22.3.1-22.5.2 introduced some bug that causes driver timeouts with HEVC enabled on certain games.

When on 22.2.3 i had 2 weeks with no driver timeouts, then updating to any of the above drivers and keeping HEVC instant replay on causes a driver timeout within 10 minutes to an hour of gaming on Rocket League and Warframe(Dx12), It does not happen on Battlefield 5(Dx12), i don't think it happens in Portal 2, Smite, or Geometry Wars 3.

Once it times out, It does a few second black screen then desktop. After that it will start timing out with 30-40 second black screens every few seconds to minutes, sometimes disconnecting displays until going to sleep or rebooting PC. Some times crashes are seconds apart or caused by opening an app like mail.

Instant Replay settings: 60fps, 30 mbps, HEVC, 90 seconds, system memory.

GPU: RX 6600

Windows 10.0.19044 EDU

Drivers: 22.5.2

Display: Dell 1080p75hz; BenQ 1080p77hz

MB: Asus b660 prime a-d4 april bios

CPU: i5 12400

PSU: 650 Watt supernova GT

Memory: G.skill ddr4 3200Mhz CL16 2x8gb (still crashes at 2133 cl 15)

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Journeyman III

I think I am having the same issue! I've been trying to figure out what's the problem for the past 2 days, and this must be it


I also noticed that 22.5.2 Radeon Driver does not work with any version of SONY VEGAS Pro, I tested from version 16 to version 19. 

All are missing the AMD VCE encoder.   I had to uninstall these current Radeon Drivers and go back to Radeon 21.12.1 to get those features back.

Adept I

Same issue on a 6700xt, this also crashes Doom eternal, and rainbow six siege for me.

I had found on my ryzen 3600 AVC encoding really slowed hardware accelerated programs, and caused huge stuttering in-game - but on a ryzen 5800x this is no longer an issue.

This issue is not present in 22.2.3 or earlier for me.


So I think I have the same problem as you,

Steps to reproduce the problem,

1. Enable Instant Replay

2. Set the video codec to HEVC (other settings seem to not matter at all)

3. Play Heavy games like Metro exodus enhanced edition or league of legends

3. Happy crash moment.

I have tried 22.5.1 to 22.6.2. All these versions acted the same. So I am a bit worried if my card is faulty or not.


So I just wanna know if it's a problem with my system or if it's just AMD making sure that I regret buying my 6600xt.

Good news is your card is likely not faulty, bad news is this problem is just baked into the adrenaline suite software.

To double check, try driver 22.2.3, all releases since carry this issue.

Driver 22.6.1 fixed avc encoding at least, so that could be a workaround if you need instant replay.

This issue seems to be entirely down to system config, my card didnt have this issue in an intel 12th gen test bench, but does in my amd 5800x b550 system - likely some issues between cpu/gpu/gpio chipset drivers (I know since 22.3.1 adrenaline software has had ryzen master baked in and forceably OC'd some cpus, and I can't see anything online to suggest this is fixed).

I've since replaced every part in my system one by one and nothing made a difference (including another amd gpu).

So yes to summarise this is AMD making sure their customers regret buying an all amd system, there are limited workarounds but no real solution.

Journeyman III

Seems like my setup is infected with this HEVC&Instant replay bug. Investigating underway. TBC...


It is confirmed. HEVC setting in instant replay crashes at least Hunt Showdown for me and my friends PC also. Both are amd cpu&gpu rigs.


Please fix it.