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Adept II

Here is a solution for stuttering issue on Radeon cards.

So i recently formatted pc and installed windows 10 Pro 22H2 from Windows 11 Pro 23H2. So i still had issues with stuttering. But one thing fixed all the issues. TURNING OFF ''EnableUlps'' In Registry Editor. I'm starting to think now that every update is messing up with stuttering on AMD GPU because of this. To disable.

1. Open Registry Editor run as administrator. 

2.  On top navigation ''Edit'' click ''Find'' Type ''Ulps'' wait for search to end.

3. double click ''EnableUlps'' change 1 from to 0, click ok and close registry editor. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE.

4. Other things you can do is such as Clear Shader cache in AMD panel, Put windows power plan to high performance, turning Off HPET (High precision event timer), Disable MPO (Multiplane Overlay), Disable GameBar Presence Writer. After doing all these just restart the pc.

When you run the game for first time it'll feel like stuttering but let shader sync and catch up. but after that stuttering never occur. But keep in mind. This ''EnableUlps'' keeps reverting to enabled every time you update amd radeon driver. so each time you need to manually disable from registry editor.

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