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Journeyman III

HELP! How do I set the gaming settings as my default setting for everything?

My AMD driver frequently crashes/times out and gives me black screen.
I reformatted my pc. Now freshly installed the latest driver for my vega 64, but the issue still persists. The driver still keeps getting time outs. And the audio gets distorted.

Now this is on my normal usage like browsers, spotify app, microsoft apps. Basically non-gaming apps. I get timeouts and audio distortion.

HOWEVER, when I opened Sims 4 (a gaming app) in fullscreen, the audio distortion vanishes and no crashes. My Sims 4 was running very smoothly with no issues. My spotify music was also very clear in the background.
BUT when I close my Sims 4 or when I go windowed mode, the audio distortion comes back and driver gets time outs again/black screen etc. Basically everything is nice if I'm playing a game in FULLSCREEN.

So I was thinking AMD changes settings when in Game mode/Fullscreen? But when I exit fullscreen, AMD changes back to standard settings? And that standard settings keeps getting me crashes. I don't know what I should tweak.

Please help me. How do I set the settings that it will always be on Game mode even when I'm not playing a game fullscreen? If that makes sense ><

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