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Adept I

hdmi vrr

Does AMD RX 5700 series cards support HDMI VRR 2.1 feature today? I know it does Freesync over HDMI. 

I own an LG C9/E9 TV, HDMI VRR 2.1 feature capable, recently G-Sync Compatible enabled over HDMI by Nvidia GPUs. 

I'm looking to buy an RX 5700 XT / Ryzen 3600 build and want to have VRR Gaming capability. 

I can't find anything other than an announcement of HDMI VRR support back in 2018. No notes in Radeon Driver releases that confirm HDMI VRR 2.1 feature was enabled on AMD GPUs with HDMI 2.0b outputs to a HDMI VRR Display. 

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Adept II


Adept I

I bought a Radeon RX5700XT believing i would be able to use it with a LG OLED tv using freesync/vrr, it appears however this is not possible. AMD has been notably quiet about this. Since AMD helped develop the VRR standard and has already implemented it in their chips for XBOX consoles, AMD should have all the knowledge they need to implement this on their graphics cards as well.

AMD and RTG in particular. Please give us an update on the status of this. Is it even still being worked on?