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Journeyman III

Hardware acceleration causes timeout on new drivers

I've been having what seems to be an intermittent issue where hardware acceleration starts causing driver timeouts.

I have a 5700XT, and just had to roll the drivers back to 22.5.1 to stop the issue.  The weird thing is I had been running newer drivers for at least a few weeks before this started happening.  I first noticed it with the steam store page today, where the banner would cause a timeout whenever I opened it.  This happened on the website and in the client, and turning off hardware acceleration stopped it, but I don't really see that as fixing the problem.  After rolling back I can view the pages without issue.

This isn't the first time this has happened, and usually after a while I end up upgrading to a newer driver without issues (for a while) when a game demands it, but keep coming back to this eventually.

Whenever I update or rollback drivers I do DDU followed by the AMD Cleanup Utility in safe mode before installing the new ones, so it is always a clean install.  I just don't understand why this problem happens so randomly, although when it starts I can find no solution but rolling back drivers again.

I have tried many solutions found online by searching AMD driver timeout, however nothing so far has fixed it (this included a registry edit for disabling MPO), honestly too much to remember at this point.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can enjoy the new drivers without this particular issue I'd really appreciate some advice.

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