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HAGS (Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling) when? Or, for AMD GPU's never?!

I'm just wondering when it will be implemented in the Radeon drivers, since it is in Nvidia drivers from a long time ago... It's always better to have it, instead of not. If you AMD can't make it to work properly, just inform us, say you are weak at driver writing. It's not a lie that we already know that, but you can say it.

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+1 to this!!!

Have you turned it on?

Open Settings. *Navigate to System and then Display. *Scroll and click on the Graphics settings link. *Enable the Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling option *Restart the PC.


You must be on some windows insider build or some unreleased beta AMD driver.
I'm on windows version 21H1, driver 21.6.1 and using a 6700XT and I don't have that option.



It only shows up if you have a Nvidia GPU in your system.

I have a RX 480 and do not have to option when I disable my Nvidia secondary GPU.

Funny how a lot of reviews always blame Radeon DirectX 11 performance on their Hardware Scheduler, but then they do not support this feature in Windows 10?

Maybe it is already built into AMD Radeon Drivers by default, since I have always noticed slightly more responsive input response at the same frame-rates when using my RX 480 vs my GTX 1060 (even without anti-lag), which is why I would prefer if AMD could fix all their DirectX 9 Unreal Engine 3 optimizations they erroneously lost since 17.7.2.

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HAGS was only supported on a beta release:


Nothing before that. Nothing after that. What we're asking for is to bring it to the current release of drivers. HAGS.jpg