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Journeyman III

GX60 Hitman Edition - Drivers issues

Hello everyone,

It's my first post on this forum, but I'm visiting it for a while.

(I searched any topic about my question, didn't find anything satisfying to me)

I'm actually using a MSI GX60 Hitman edition, which has an AMD Radeon HD 7970M AND an AMD Radeon HD 8650G. And I already had so much problems before, I always reseted my computer as it was when he left the factory.

Now I'm trying to update my drivers, so I obviously went here :AMD Radeon™ HD 7970M Drivers & Support | AMD to get the lattest drivers, but when I proceed the install, an error 174 returns. (Erreur 174 — Le programme d'installation AMD ne peut pas continuer en raison d'une configuration de ... ).This error is returned when you got a "non GCN product", but... In the list on non GCN product, I don't see the 7970M. But I see the AMD Radeon HD 8000 (D/G), which is the serie of my 8650G. If I'm right, it's the motherboard's graphic chipset.

So what am I supposed to do ? AMD gives me another link for a driver (AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta for Non GCN Products Release Notes | AMD) but it's not made for 7970M, it's for 8650G (and it's a beta driver). Can I force the install of the lattest driver for my main GC ? Should I install the 16.2.1 (8650G) first, and then the 17.4.4 (7970M) ? I'm kinda lost about what I should do. Maybe I can deactivate the 8650G then proceed the install of the 7970M drivers ?

Thank you very much for reading my topic, I hope someone here can help me.


EDIT : I tried again to use the installer given by AMD for the 7970M, didn't worked, and after the error 174 returned, I tried again and an installation proceeded. But now I'm trying to install Catalyst Control Center, he tells me that no driver is installed. I did a test on LoL to see if the 7970M was ready to work, and apparently not...