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Journeyman III

Grey Screens on RX 6500XT

I have a one monitor set up, and when I play specific games, (so far only rimworld and CS2), the screen will go grey until I alt-tab or do any action, where it will then go green for about a second, then crashing the game. In rimworld especially, you have to restart the game to change mods, and everytime, without fail, the game grey screens. Sometimes it also does it when I alt-tab mid game. For some reason doing this also closes discord. In CS on the otherhand, it is rare, but mainly when I try to alt-tab. On other games, such as Titanfall 2, it appears to be fine. This began after CS complained to me that my driver was a bit behind, and I updated to the newest build. I have reinstalled the current driver twice, but it seems to not be doing anything. I've seen other posts with similar problems but I lack the blue bars coming in. Does anyone have a potential solution? Thanks! I am on windows 11.

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