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Journeyman III

Graphics and Chipset Drivers 23.4.1 Update failing to install with Adrenalin Software

On the 12th of this month, I went to do a full reinstall of my GPU and Chipset drivers because my current drivers are outdated, and I have been using the Microsoft automatic drivers and noticed that the driver dates were horribly old. I then looked up information from multiple support pages and guides from this website, that being AMD. Upon learning that I could do a full reinstall of my drivers, and get rid of older drivers clogging up space in my pc I went ahead and downloaded the most recent AMD Adrenalin Software, (23.4.1), along with the AMD Cleanup Utility tool provided by the website. I disconnected any external drives, along with my mic and headphones, speakers and what-not just to be super sure I couldn't mess anything up.

I didn't know that the Adrenalin Software had the factory reset option disabled, and went ahead with the update, thinking I could just remove the old GPU files and be done, but when the chipset installation failed, then I knew something messed up. I then had to use DDU to get rid of my graphics drivers, and try to get my pc out of safe mode and onto the regular Windows OS, installed the Microsoft drivers and I had to use a restore point my pc had made earlier that day, thankfully it was before I had changed anything.

I'm sorry if I overdid the exposition, but it's an easier way for me to give the reproduction steps...

My specs are listed below, along with some event details or other notes I want to make and ask others for assistance if needed.

  • GPU - Driver Version - 31.01.12027 - Date - 10/20/2022
    • RX580 
  • IBuyPowerPC - ik lol
    • Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 64bit Build 10.0.19044 
  • Driver Version Installed
    • 31.0.12027 - Windows 
  • Display Make/Model/Ports/Resolution/Refresh Rate
    • AOC 24G2W1G4 - HDMI - 1920x180/144hz
  • CPU - Driver Version/Date - 10.01.19041 - 2009
    • Ryzen 5 5600X - 6 Cores 
  • Motherboard + BIOS
    • ASRock B550 Pro4 - BIOS America Megatrends P1.20, 8/13/2020
  • 16gb of ram, but idk my psu

So how would I go about reinstalling and removing old GPU and chipset drivers without the AMD Adrenalin Software and Cleanup Utility if they both have the features disabled as of now? I haven't tried updating my BIOS yet, because that seems like a different beast, but at the very least using the actual AMD drivers would help my overall pc performance, yeah?

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Adept III

I haven't been able to update my software since buying my system don't feel alone, last time I tried it just failed completely I had to reinstall the version I had that came with my system which is the version 22.5.2 can't understand why it fails.

Journeyman III

Yo, thanks for commenting, I'll post an update on what's happened since this post, as in my case I solved my problem and learned more about my PC in the process, so hopefully this will help you out with something, I also recommend studying and watching youtube videos about some of these things cause it's better imo to have visual aid, and I hope this helps.

When installing an update with AMD, I'll usually use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU for short), and go through a process, in which I'll explain below.

Using DDU, you have to boot your computer into safe mode, and have your internet connection disabled, I usually disconnect my LAN cable and turn off my connection from the internet taskbar icon. I also make sure to disable Windows driver updates, because Windows will install drivers that your computer is missing by default for protection measures, but it usually just ends up with your computer saying something like, "your current driver doesn't match the software", or whatever, so looking that up is crucial.

I also updated my BIOS recently, and that helped an incredible amount. I used a program called OCCT to just see what my motherboard was, and went to the manufacturers website and found the driver for my motherboard (it's an ASUS B550 pro4), because previously it was using an update from 2020 (yeesh). Your motherboard will most likely be different than mine so make sure to find out who made it and what kind of type it is.

And since I used DDU, I could boot my computer back into safe mode and just use the auto update tool AMD has on the website.

As for booting your computer in safe mode, I'll provide a check-list just for convenience (I might come back to this thread someday idk). I am on Windows 11 fyi but it should be similar on 10

also make sure to disable windows auto updates, idk if I stated it before but can't hurt.

after disconnecting from the internet, and before using DDU, go into your windows search bar and type, "system configuration", and from there go into the boot tab, click on safe mode and minimal, and the next time you turn your pc off and on it'll go into safe mode, and from there you can use DDU to clean and safely uninstall your graphics and potential cpu drivers.

After that I made sure to reverse my safe mode options and restart the pc, and I reinstalled the AMD auto update tool.

Then a couple of weeks later I was having problems with my games crashing, and found out that my BIOS needed updating, and looked up some youtube videos about it and studied it a bit before going through with it.

Hope this helps, good luck and may the force be with you!