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GPU Not Recognizing Driver

So, in short, I have an rx580 that my driver will not install to. Or will not recognize the driver. Not sure.

I was in the middle of a game a few nights ago (Guild Wars 1, not system intensive but in 4k, which my dual rx580's handle with ease) and my system BSOD'd and told me it was a VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. I found what I could about it and proceeded to follow the fixes. They didn't work. Upon further investigation, I found that Windows (10) was showing an error Code 43 now. Googling revealed to me the most likely culprit was a bios flash gone wrong; I purchased this GPU "lightly used" on Ebay and, it would seem this card was most likely previously used for mining. In the two years of ownership, have never had any major issues with it, but I am unsure what would cause this to randomly become an issue. My flashes to attempt to restore it to a default bios were successful, but only to a point I suppose.

GPUZ gives all relevant info for the correct bios, but Pixel Fillrate, Texture Fillrate, and Bandwith all gray out to "Unknown". Memory Size reads 0mb, and the Driver Version, while populated, does not have Adrenalin 19.X.X as my other functional card does. (X's as I've attempted many driver versions, all return the same results). The "Sensors" tab in GPUZ also reads all values at max and exceeding, some values at over 100%.

The GPU Clock section also reads 0MHz. While this would make sense if the card is not running, it will "run" at low rez. Or it appears to, anyway. In device manager the card is shown, not the integrated graphics, so it's like it's half running?

My functional card will update to whichever driver I install, the nonfunctional never will. I have tried installation as the only card and have switched the order of the cards around both ways.

I am utterly perplexed. If anyone has any insight I would be most grateful.

Please let me know if I have left out any necessary info.


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RX 580 BIOSs can be installed for RX 480 (470) graphics cards. You should install BIOS according to GPU. 

VGA Bios Collection | TechPowerUp
Download AMD/ATI ATIFlash | TechPowerUp

All softwares you need is on these websites. You can search with Google.
Properly install GPU BIOS. The problem will be solved.


I have reinstalled the proper bios for my card, an rx580, a dozen times, using techpowerup as my source and their flash installation program. It has not worked. The results of those efforts are described above.


Try atikmdag patcher. I can not understand your problem. How is the problem if there is an original BIOS?


I don't understand it either, that's why I'm here. I ran the patcher, still have the same results.

I don't understand how the card can be recognized by windows, but the driver won't install to it. Is there a way to force the driver to install?

Download the cleaning tool and the latest driver using the links above.
Run the cleaning tool first. Then, install the latest driver.
Annotation 2019-10-05 193501.png
When you run Windows Device Manager, do you have an image like this example for new installation?


I have done this process many times already, though I have been using DDU. On the chance that the official AMD uninstaller may be different, I have run that and installed 19.9.3. I have gotten the same results, though this time something occurred which I had not thought to add before. Upon my first try at reinstalling the driver the system BSOD'd with a "system thread exception not handled" error, listing the atikmdag file. This has happened a couple times before, but when the system reboots I am able to try installation again and am "successful", at least for the one card. When I try this process with only my faulty card, the drivers are recognized as installed by the computer, but the problem card will still not "see" or interact with it.


This is how my system has displayed my display adapters since this issue has started, though prior to this it recognized them both. As previously stated in my original post, under properties it is showing code 43 (windows has stopped the device because it is reporting problems). After following all troubleshooting guides available to fix this code, the only issues left are that it could be thrown due to crypto miners having flashed BIOS for the card; this seems likely as I bought this card used on Ebay. This has lead me to reflashing BIOS, which has not fixed the issue.


GPU BIOS may not have flashed properly when 2 GPUs are connected to the system. Try connecting only single GPU and try BIOS reflash. If your newly purchased GPU isn't working even though you're reflashing, it's likely that there's a problem with new GPU.


I have done multiple attempts to flash just the faulty card and they have not worked. Is there a way to test the problem gpu?


No. Try the problematic GPU as one. Remove the new GPU and see if it has RX 580 label. Make sure you have the RX 580. Like this picture.

You may have purchased a different GPU and RX 580 BIOS. 
More information above...


Yes, this is what I have done. The non-working gpu by itself, with the correct drivers for the card, a sapphire rx580 8gb, and the bios will install, but it still will not recognize the driver.

I gave this another attempt, just in case, and this time I replicated the original issue, which I have been unable to do before.

When win10 Boots, it's fine til the login pops up. It starts in 4k, but stop/starts and just generally glitches until the screen blacks out. That part is not new, but this time it BSOD'd and gave the original error VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. I didn't catch which file was wrong the first time it happened and set all this off, but this time I caught it and it is atikmpag.sys. When I look how to fix this it says to find the file in System32 and fix/replace it, but that file is not in my System32 folder, only my C:/AMD folder; possibly due to this info not being up to date. Could this be the root issue, as this is what originally happened? Not sure why it replicated it finally, especially since I was running two cards initially and this time only one. Hope this helps.


If the computer starts properly, ie without Code 43 error, GPU BIOS has no problem.

If you get this error after the computer starts, there is a possibility that the problem with the motherboard. Write down your system in detail.


If the bad card only is installed, I cannot tell if it throws code 43 due to display failure; it will attempt a restart at 4k but display will cut out. If it then restarts to 1080 I can see that it still shows code 43. My system:

Mobo : asrock 970 pro3 2.0

CPU : AMD fx8350

GPU : sapphire rx580 8gb x 2

RAM : patriot 2x4gb ddr3

PSU : seasonic 750W

HDD : western digital 1T 7200rpm


The new GPU is likely to be problematic. These errors are probably not exist from the other GPU. I used a very similar configuration to your system. I've never encountered this kind of problem. Return the new GPU, if possible... You have wrote very clear new-GPU-related errors.


Sounds like you do have a defective RX580. You mentioned you have two installed. The other RX works and boots up correctly without any issue by itself but when you install the defective RX by itself you have problems immediately. I presume you have it in the same PCIe slot as the good RX.

That seems to strongly indicate you have a bad GPU card. If it was the motherboard it would act the same with either RX cards installed by itself.

Also just for your information only, You need to upgrade your PSU to a higher wattage PSU. According to this website: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX  you need a minimum system PSU wattage of 800 watts for 2 RX580 GPU cards installed.

Yeah, I know I need a higher wattage. I never run any process intense games and I had a 750W already so I've just been running it "until I get around" to upgrading it. Never seem to have gotten around to it lol.

When I tried to boot with just the faulty card recently, it game me a VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE and named atikmpag.sys as the issue. I have gone online to see how to go about fixing this and one of the suggested fixes is to repair/replace the file. It says to find it in System32, but I do not have that file there. Should it be there or in C:/AMD, where I can currently find it? My other card works with however the files are sorted now, so I don't know that that should help any, but I'm grasping at anything to keep from having an expensive paperweight.


Do you get the same error with both RX580 cards?

If you only get it with one GPU card then it isn't a Driver issue.

Everything that is needed to install the AMD Driver and  related software is located at C:\AMD folder in the Root Directory. You can always try to update the Driver via Device Manager and direct it towards the C:\AMD Folder.


No, the other card works fine.

Is this one of those things could be fixed by lightly baking the card? I know probably not but this is so frustrating. It works, but not all the way. wtf.


If this is a used GPU card and you have had it for over 2 years it probably isn't under Warranty any more.

One way to really determine if the GPU card is bad is by installing it in another compatible computer if possible. IF the same thing occurs then it is probably a bad card or take it to a computer shop to check it out. But that could be expensive.

But, in my opinion, You have 2 RX 580 cards that was working well for over two years. Now only one RX580 GPU card works with the current  AMD Driver and Windows you have installed  while the other crashes or is not recognized in the same computer. To me it sounds like your RX580 used GPU card became defective. If it would have been something to do with the AMD Driver or Windows or Motherboard then both RX 580 theoretically should have problems and not just one. 

Baking is not a good idea even though others have done it and seemed to repair the GPU card. It is risky in my opinion. There are many YouTube videos  and links on how to bake your GPU card.


Thank you for all your help, it is much appreciated!

970 platform is not suitable for using two video cards. Speed of PCI ports will be very slow. It only offers this support on paper. Does not perform well. If the issue is Code 43 and drive error and the GPU is not working single the problem is already evident.


I highly doubt it to be a problem with the mobo as I have been running this config for almost 2 years with no issue.

I didn't say anything about your motherboard being damaged. Not suitable for multiple GPUs. That's all I'm saying. When you install 2 RX 580s on your motherboard, your processor will overheat. More wattage will be given the motherboard. The motherboard cannot provide this balance, and your performance is reduced. In short, I'm not saying it's damages. It's just not appropriate. Already your processor cannot provide the single core power required for multiple GPUs. Return your new RX580, if possible. Unreal game engine-style games already have a bottleneck up to 30FPS for your CPU. A single RX580 is very powerfull GPU for your CPU for 1080p. With your GTA5 benchmark in the explosion scene, your CPU gives 30FPS to you. A good CPU gives 150FPS in the explosion scene. Bulldozer architecture is not suitable for games. 


New PSU should not be purchased for this system. Your PSU is already very good. In short, that's why I'm nervous. What am I doing here...   In short, no money should be spent for this system.


Thanks for all your help in this, I am very grateful for your time.

We couldn't help you. That's why I'm nervous.