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Journeyman III

GPU driver support for AMD R7 support windows 10, windows 11.

Hello I have 3 AMD gpu based device 2 are addon PCIe cards one is built into my CPU and AMD A10.

The latest GPU driver from AMD to date causes the game Overwatch by Blizzard entertainment to display incorrect colours.

This occurs to all my devices and the overwatch discord geeks say my gpu is faulty which they all are not.

Additionally loading this official driver package upon windows 11 with the CPU's GPU, the amd a10 i find my systems BIOS gives post beeps saying GPU initialisation failed but then goes onto booting windows. On 2 motherboards, an MSI and A Gigabyte reflashing the current bios to these motherboards after rollback to microsoft release of driver restores normal booting without post beep errors.

Is this issue only with Overwatch? anything else I run is fine except tor it gives screen flicker but if i roll back to latest microsoft version no issues occur anywhere. My MSI motherboard now has a TPM module but it is useless against this also happens on my Gigabyte fm2+ motherboard.

Simply put something isn't correct and I beleive it needs investigation but love to hear others complaints as well.

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You didn't mention if the A10 is a laptop or Desktop APU processor. Either way the A10 Integrated Graphics is a legacy APU.

I don't know about your GPU Cards but if they both are Non-RX GPU cards then they are considered to be Legacy also.

Thus depending on what AMD GPU models your have and A10 APU Processors, the last AMD Support AMD driver is from 06/2021 or older is for Windows 10 only. There are no Windows 11 drivers nor will there be any in the future.

So if the Windows 10 AMD Drivers doesn't work in Windows 11 correctly there is not much you can do except eliminate any problems that could be causing your issues and effecting the AMD Graphics driver.

If the main issue is if the AMD Graphics Drivers isn't 100% compatible with Windows 11 then there is not much you can do.

Now if you have Windows 10 installed and Overwatch is the only game being affected that pretty much indicates it is either the AMD Driver (legacy) for the A10 and if you have Non-RX GPU Cards installed is probably too out-dated for that game.

If you have RX GPU cards with the latest AMD Graphics driver than I would check Overwatch developers for any recent game patches or wait until the next AMD driver comes out to see if it fixes your issue.

Either way I would report it to AMD Support for the computers with GPU cards and they are RX GPU cards to AMD from here:

the A10 CPU is the 7860K Desktop FM2+ cpu.

My point about driver issues is both windows 10 and 11 causes 2 motherboards to need BIOS flash.

Even if the cards and cpu aren't supported it looks like sabotage by stupid programmers i dion't know if its AMD or Blizzard but they should be talking.

I am using microsoft provided drivers and will be interesting to see any new developments to report to microsoft if this happens therein perhaps my issue will become seriously considered then.