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Journeyman III

GPU Driver Stoping WiFi From Working

This is a strang poroblem, after updating GPU driver 24.2.1 for RX6700XT, my WiFI wouldent start with Windows, (Ralink Technology, Corp driver 

I had to unistal AMD driver 24.2.1, to get the PC WiFi internet back online, then down load the WiFi driver, then reinstal the AMD GPU driver 24.2.1, then reinstal the WiFi driver again to get it to work, BUT, WiFi has lost 90% of its signal, and keeps losing signal with the latesd AMD GPU 24.2.1 driver instaled.

I have reinstalled the old RX6700XT driver and WIfI works fine like it did before I installed the new GPU driver, and no problems in Event Viewer.

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First thing what is your PC information: :Motherboard, CPU, GPU Make & Model &  Windows and both AMD Driver versions.

I really can't see the connection between a Graphics driver and Wifi unless the Graphic driver has some sort of conflict with the Ralink driver.

It would sound more of a Motherboard Wifi Ralink Driver or Windows issue but since you can verify that by installing the latest AMD Driver does stop your WiFi from working and by installing the previous AMD driver the WiFi works normally.

First when you have the latest AMD driver installed does Device Manager show any errors? If so which ones?  (Helps to identify driver issues).

What does Device Manager show with the previous AMD Driver installed? Any errors if so which ones? (Helps to identify driver issues).

Does your Motherboard have Wifi driver to download? what version is it and for which version of Windows?  (Checks to see if Motherboard drivers has issues)

Run this simple command line to check your Windows OS: SFC /scannow  (Checks if Windows is corrupted)

Also run Windows Network Troubleshoot tool in Windows Settings when the Wifi is not working after installing the latest AMD Driver (Allow Windows to find conflict with Graphics driver if possible).

I suggest your open a AMD SUPPORT Ticket to let them know that the latest AMD driver is affecting your Wifi driver from working from here:  (Have AMD verify issue if possible).

Also open a Support ticket with the Manufacturer of your Motherboard to let them know a Graphic driver is affecting their Wifi from working. (Notify Manufacturer of possible issue with their Wifi chip driver and Graphics driver).

Thanks for the help elstaci, and no errors showing in Device Manager, and no problems fouynd in CMD's SC/SCANNOW.  PC: gigabyt b450 aorus elite v1, CPU 5800x3D, GPU RX6700xt asrock phantom gaming, all stock settings, and no PC OC,  Windows 10 Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎02/‎09/‎2023
OS build 19045.4170
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19054.1000.0

AMD GPU driver that seems to give the problem is 24.2.1, and the driver I'm not having any problem with is 24.1.1.

And this is a WiFi dongle,  has no WiFi onboard.

Like you said, I also have never had a driver conflict like this, and I find it more strang that there isent any errors in Device Manager when I'm getting this problem.

Its very late here now, but first thing I will open a ticket, but to use this PC I have had to reinstal the older driver 24.1.1.   To me it looks like an driver coinfliuct, but but just strange not to see it show up in any tests.


Adept II

I made some changes to my old PC and the Wi-Fi wasn't working at all.  I found one of the PCI-E cards was sitting in the slot crooked and was messing up all the PCI-E cards.  Computers can be fickled.