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Adept II

Gigabyte vega 56 oc 8gb crash randomly all the time, black screen, fans 100%

Hello, im having this weird problem since i brought my new GPU a few months ago, my whole build is new, the GPU was the last  purchase, previously i had a R9 290x in this same build, all works perfectly!

The crash is sometimes a black screen on all monitors and fans turns 100% speed, nothing to do here just force shutdown, sometime i got a blue screen with the message, THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER.

All this happens randomly, between 1 hours to 4 maximum,  while gaming and casually browse on my second monitor.

i have tried all the possibilities, clean windows install, a lot of drivers versions 18.x.x / 19.x.x, diferente pci-e socket, diferente PSU, two diferents power rails, undervolt, power limit +50%, GPU and motherboard BIOS update, basically all known tricks. 


My systyem:

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • Vega 56 Gigabyte OC version
  • Operating System
    • Desktop Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • 19.11
  •  Display Devices
    • LG IPS FULLHD (1920x1080@59Hz Active DP to HDMI adapter
    • 23MP55 (1080x1920@59Hz) HDMI
    • HISENSE (1920x1080@59Hz) HDMI
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 + Bios F10
    • Intel Core i7 8700k
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Seasonic 750W Gold 
  • RAM
    • 16GB Gskyll 4133hz


The only solutions that works is the driver 17.11.1  

whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.11.1-nov10.exe - Google Drive 


I have been testing the new bios, for a week i think, no crashes.

UPDATE THE BIOS USING THIS VGA Bios Collection: Gigabyte RX Vega 56 8 GB | TechPowerUp  (or search for your manufacturer if its not Gigabyte )

Im using the default settings, with the lastest driver version,  turned off zero rpm,  changed the fan speed and power limit -50%


Radeon pro drivers seems to fix all problems 

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Adept III

Someone has solved this? this is happening also with my Gigabyte RX Vega 64 on Battlefield V, I really think is a driver issue, no other game triggered this.


I wouldn't say anyone has "solved this" so why on earth the thread continues to be marked as "assumed answered" is a mystery, and quite annoying!

However, as many have mentioned here - try using the undervolt settings posted by neophyte‌ - I've not had the black screen/ fan ramp for a few weeks now, fingers crossed. We still shouldn't have to do this, nor should we have to add our own after-market cooling solutions!

Adept III

Mine is not that persistent, I played battlefield V the entire last friday, and saturday, without any problems, but sunday early in the evening it crashed. Then I keep it going without problems. It seems locking HBM2 to min 800mhz - max 1040mhz helped. Some people said that agressive spikes in core and memory frequencies makes the driver to become crazy and triggers some restart, which actually provoque our error. 


Well , I am having the same issue . And after a month of testing the only thing that makes my card somewhat stable is reverting back to 17.(something) crimson drivers . Every other driver combionation crashes ... Most of the time its Either BSOD Thread_Stuck_In_device_Driver 0x10000ea atikmdag.sys dxgkernel.sys   or 100% Fan Speed + Black Screen . I can also sometimes notice GPU tach stopping to glow and the game / benchmark continuing to run for some time before I try to close appilcation and as soon as I try to do that the PC crashes (or it just crashes by itself few seconds / moments later if I try to move mouse / use keyboard ) and I have to power it off completely in order for it to start again . And the Motherboard light indicating a GPU problem lights up .  So far Ive tried :

  1. Installing multiple AMD drivers (DDU) both the new ones and ones from 2018
  2. Trying out Crimson drivers instead of adrenaline (The only stable one being 17.9.2 )
  3. Installing drivers without radeon settings
  4. Running multiple tests on my CPU(Prime95) OCCT
  5. Testing my RAM(memtest , windows memory diagnostic and a bunch of others)
  6. Running sfc / scannow on disk and DISM
  7. Uninstalling relive
  8. Adding TDRDelay to registry
  9. Using 2x8 pin instead of the daisy chain
  10. Disabling hardware acceleration
  11. Disabling PCIE gen4 and setting it to gen3 in bios
  12. Underclocking the card
  13. Undervolting the card
  14. Increasing the fan profiles to maximum
  15. Copying over atikmdag.sys and atikmpag.sys directly to system32 from the AMD GPU instalation folder
  16. Setting a power limit to -50 and + 50
  17. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ (installing all the version up to 2019 both x86 and x64 or just running Windows 10 stock ones)
  18. Updating NET runtime
  19. Disabling ULPS ( ultra low power state ) in Afterburner
  20. Testing on three different Power supplies 1000W gold , 850W gold , 650W bronze
  21. Placing a GPU in a different PC (i5 2500k , 16GB quad channel ram ,ASUS sabertooth p67 )
  22. Swaping out PSU cables
  23. Placing the GPU in a different PCIE slot
  24. Reinstalling Windows 10 multiple times over
  25. Trying the card on Windows 7 (both PC's)
  26. Enabling / disabling HDCP
  27. Using various custom power play tables
  28. Flashing a different( MSI ) VBIOS
  29. Using a low power vbios right switch
  30. Copying atikmpag
  31. Combining different driver versions (not doing a clean instal) , this might have helped lessen the problem a bit with certain combos but it still happened.
  32. Connecting my monitor to my GPU using HDMI / DisplayPort
  33. Disabling Hardware Acceleration in any app that I suspect is using it (Discord ,and all internet browsers I have.)


MOBO : X570 MPG gaming plus

CPU: Ryzen 3700X (running at stock settings)

RAM : Balistix Sport LT 3200 CL16 2x8DDR4

GPU : MSI Airboost Vega 56

SSD : Samsung Evo 860 256GB

PSU : Crucial Vengeance 650m (650W Bronze)

CASE: Coller Master H500


OS : Windows 10 PRO 1903 

AMD I beg you  ... Investigate this issue because it seems like a driver problem . It could be an overhating problem but I didn't really notice crazy temperatures and even while having an agressive undervolt , high fan profile and reduced clock speeds the card still experiences quite a bit of instability , while under 70c on all sensors more or less . I will burn this card and never touch radeon GPUs again if I end up sending it back and waiting for 40 days just for it to be "tested" and returned with nothing done to it . 

Also , can someone remove the "assumed answered" thing from the thread . A lot of people are experiencing this issue ... 

Wow that's an extensive troubleshooting that you did. I also feel we shouldn't have to do all of this, and that AMD should at least openly investigate the matter here with us.

This Vega 56 is the first Radeon I have on my main PC (I had very old Radeon cards for non-gaming uses) and if I have to buy a GPU in the future, I'd seriously consider adding a bit of money and go to the competition... Unless I see some efforts are made and hopefully have the problem solved.

I confirmed It, 19.x.x are unstable as hell for Vega's, after a lot of testing, rolling back the damn driver to 18.12.3 solved absolutelly all isues. 
Problems for Vega started to raise after release 19. If I discovered that AMD is breaking Vega to force us to upgrade to NAVI I will buy a green card next time.

Interesting. Did you notice a decrease in performance?

Lately I haven't been gaming much but when I get more time and if I get crashes again, I will try the driver version you're using.


Not at all, In Battlefield V it stutters a little bit, I think they fixed some issues with more recent updates, mainly with FreeSync. But I prefer stuttering more than crashes that makes you reboot the computer... all the way. I think I will try at least one more time, with 19.3.3 maybe. I saw some guys in reddit who said that rolling back to 18.12.3 solved ALL the issues, first I though it cannot be that simple, but it seems it is true, now Im using that one, since the last wednesday.
Give it a try, so we can confirm this. 


Just tried the 18.12.3 driver and I ended up crashing around 5 hours of gaming which is pretty good but still crashing none the less. Anyone know any other drivers which could work better? Been trying for ages :/


davidly, take a look at this thread.
Tons of crash issues with my new vega 64 : AMDHelp 

Thanks, I will give it a try when I get more game time.

Adept I

Sad to say I killed my Vega on Thursday evening. Touched the interposer between the core and HBM, just with a cotton bud but was enough to give me a code 43 and artifacting. Going to by another vega56 but try get a sapphire model. 


Damn that sucks

I find you brave to go for a Vega again. I hope you get better luck with a Sapphire model at least!

Adept II

I was all this time with 17.7, after the lastest windows update the drivers to 19.2 and the crashes came back! im not able to finde the 17.7, the oficial version doesnt install the driver video, doens't recognize my graphic card.

Some gently soul can please upload the version 17.7 that was working? 

Adept I

Hello everyone... Sad to be here but I bought an MSI Vega 56 Air Boost and it's been days I have been experiencing crashes on my new pc... I've been reading a lot of topics on differents forums, I've tried a lot of "fixes" but none of them worked.. I can't understand, I can see that this problem is almost known since it's release ! This topic was created in january 2019 and we're now in november and we have still these crashes issue... Please I can't stay with this anymore, is there anybody out there that can help ? Maybe with the old drivers as I read before ?

Thanks to everyone.

Adept III

Hi there, guys, disable the god damn VSR and Enhanced Sync from Adrenalin, is causing a lot of issues with crashes. Also set frecuency floor for HBM2 to 800mhz, set state 2 as minimum state, those things almost solve all my issues.

Adept III

For those who wanted all versions of the drivers, here you have. 
Videocards - ATI Catalyst Windows 7 | 8 | 10 

Adept I

I have tried the 18.12.3 version of the driver, I still have crashes.. Any suggestions ?


Version 17.11 is the only one 

Adept I

With the version 17.11, there is no radeon settings interface ?


Probably going to just buy a new nvidia card as this will not stop crashing. Plus if I use older drivers I will not be able to play new games such as Modern Warfare as they require new drivers. This is stupid and I dont know how there is no fix


I totally agree with you.. Even with the old drivers it just doesn't work...

Adept I

Hey guys,

I purchased a MSI RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8GB OC in August and have been experiencing the same issues - hard crashing, fans 100%, BSODs during gaming, and GPU LEDs turn off. After reading this extensive thread, I'm glad of the fact that I'm not alone but saddened by the lack of response from AMD. Reaching out to AMD, they seem to be sandbagging the issue by telling me to update the latest BIOS, display drivers(19.11.1) and telling me to try the GPU on another machine but all to no avail. I've ran Memtest and Prime95 thoroughly with no issues. I've read experiences that RMAing will usually result in the same outcome - manufacturer replaces unit, says no issues, but consumer still experiences same issue and is out shipping fees and a GPU for 2-3 weeks.


I've read many threads about this issue and if it is indeed true that there is an inherent issue with Radeon drivers or the GPU and that they are not taking the necessary steps to address the instability issue, then it would mean the are essentially shipping a defective product and not acknowledging the fact of the matter. If we really want to get AMD's attention, then a class action lawsuit could be a good start. I'd like to know what the rest of you think. If the crashing cannot be resolved, the least we deserve is some sort of recompense for our troubles and poor customer experience. Nobody should be expected to go through 30+ steps to troubleshoot and still not come to resolution.

Since Ive joined this thread Ive seen many people coming here with the exact same problems and still no resolution to this. Many have shared their exact same stories along with everyone else here, and all it basically contains is frustration and suggestions but no real fix. 

I feel sorry and bad for everyone here still having to experience this, I also tried to contact AMD but got tired of the same - update to new drivers update to new drivers. I gave a fully detailed explanation from A - Z in the first ticket, and the guy still kept asking stupid questions of which I had already explained. Having experienced this by AMD it seemed to me that he was just trying to draw it out, make me tiresome and hope I just go away.

Long story short the supplier replaced mine cos it was found faulty nearly 6 months ago and this new one working 100%. I cannot comment on the drivers or anything else as it was the card itself. 

I don't quite know what else to say

I have the same graphics card as you and ran into this problem twice playing Destiney 2 and once play Halo, I restructured the graphics to the lowest setting and for Halo no problems so Far but D2 crashed twice on and I'm not sure why.


Here is what happens exactly . Only 17.9.2 driver is stable , everything else causes this or a BSOD ... 

No . Its takes a while to assure that a driver is stable , sometimes you can even have 5 hours with no crashes with 19.something drivers only to have it crash 6 times in a row in the next hour . Right now I am trying to find (if that even exists) a newer 19. driver that is stable somewhat . There are a number of games refusing to run with 17. drivers.

the same symptom as me can play for 3-4 hour no crash, some crash within an hour. I put much effort into this card, but still can get the good result what a failure product launch from AMD

Adept II

Has anyone on this thread tried the latest Adrenaline 2020 drivers yet?

I've been crash free since I last posted, I think due to a combination of the undervolt profile I started using from this thread & the fact the temperature has dropped so much since in the UK!

Tried today the adrenaline 2020, 19.12 the problems still sadly, rolling back to 17.11 again

when I run 17.11, latest game such as assassin creed odyssey, it doesn't run smoothly, anyone ever tries to load vega 64 bios into this GPU?


i did, flahed my vega 56 with the 64 bios, the problem was the same, nothing change

Adept II

Someone has tried memory lock?


I thought I had luck with Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.12.1  drivers .... But nope , after 3 days of running without problems , it crashed on the 4th day. New Adrenalin 2020 drivers also seem to make the GPU crash ... 

Back to 17.(something) again ...

Journeyman III

Insert the video card into the motherboard slot pciex4x8


did you try that? working 100% with the lastest drivers?

Journeyman III

Yes it 100 % works, 

Still working disable bank swizzle mode

Journeyman III

Hello all. Gosh I wish I saw this thread before I bought the Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 56. Fresh install. Windows 10 Pro. Asus ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING board. 32 GB Corsair Vengeance memory. 1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 hardrive. 

With the Windows driver it appears the card works. But when I try to install the drivers supplied on the disc the images on the screen literally twist and flicker, then the screen goes black, and the monitor reverts to standby mode. I try a reset on the computer and after the boot screen clears the screen goes black again, and again the monitors go to standby mode. The only way to get the screen back is to reset Windows. I went through this three times and finally said "screw it" and I went to bed.

The motherboard was already up to date, so these GPU drivers were the first thing I tried to install on this build. Very frustrating!

So thank you all for this info and all your testing. I have submitted a claim through GIGABYTE support and I will see if what they come back with matches what you all have written already.


if you just bought, return it and go for another GPU, the new 5700 if you like Radeon, AMD is not supporting Vega anymore, its not even included in the models of the new adrenaline 2020 drivers, its goes from RX 560/570/580/590 and then jumps to the new ones 5700/5700XT

There is another thread for the vega 64 in this forum, with more than 600 comments and no reply for AMD ib more than a year