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Games don't see the second graphic card


I have a Lenovo ideapad with two graphic cards AMD (R5 with 512mb vram and R5 (TM) M... I don't remember, with 2gb of Vram)  and a cpu AMD. When I took the laptop from a person I noticed that it was a little slow, so I noticed from task that there was a Radein host application with hight CPU.

I tried to reinstalled the drivers but nothing. So I went to the settings. There was an option that permitted me to choose if I want to install the reccomended drivers or another drivers. I choose the second and the problem was solved.

But... I notice now that the game don't see the second video card. The radeon software see it, but not the game. I don't know how to say to the game what graphic card to use.

In the settings of the radeon software there is a part for the games. I click in the game and there is a page with variouse settings but in a part called display there is wrote "R5 graphic card" that is the basic graphic card. 


What I shoul do?


My laptop is a Lenovo ideapad with windows 10. 


The software of the graphic cards are with the last upgrade. The game is Watch dogs 2, but even with abother games there is this problem.

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You assign the high power to a game or application by going to the 'Display' setting on your computer, scroll down to 'graphics'.


i got similar problem with him ~ and tried to use "graphic" change it to high performance but meh ~ it still not doing it


I will see this afternoon, for now I don't remember that there was that part. My doubt is that the other graphic software, what didn't the hight CPU problem, have problems. But this afternoon I will see.


Mhm... I tried in that way. There is write if I want to use the R5 graphic card for the standard use of I want to use the R5 graphic card for the high performance.

GPU basic: AMD Radeon R5



Software: Radeon 21.2.2 05/02/2021 (0017.514)

When I took this laptop the Radeon software said that I could choose beetwen two drivers for the second graphic cards. The first was recommended from Mycrosoft but it create a big problem with CPU (the solutions, for example the reinstal of the drivers, didn't resolve the problem) but the second resolved the question. 


But now I have noticed that no videogames use the secondo graaphic cards and Windows don't see it.




That the same problem that occurs on my laptop too ~ no dedicated graphics for gaming

is it the laptop's fault? I don't even know at this point
this makes me sad so much, everything that had 3d game fail apart ~ you can call flicker, crash, hung ~ dx9, dx11, or even dx 12 still got some problem.

Screenshot (13).png


You can not use the high power graphics for anything but 3D (game) or applications. No you can not make your browser use the high power setting...or any other 2D application.


Sorry I don't understand your answer.

The hight CPU problem is general, but the second graphic card is a problem of all the videogames.


What do you mean "games don't see it?" AMD does not control which game or app uses which graphics card. That is controlled by Microsoft.

Again....go to the computer display settings, scroll down to GRAPHICS....use the drop down to see what games are there and assign the high performance graphics to it. If the game is not showing, you browse to the game exe file.


Again, I did it but Windows don't see the second graphic card. I don't know why.


Maybe Windows don't know that the second graphic card is for the high power. It use the saim graphic card. But if the problem is windows I can search another resolution, for example how to say to Windows what graphic card is for high performance.


Edit. I don't know if it is the point, but in the BIOS there is an option called "Dual GPU". After a research I notice that in my laptop there is a tecnology for use the second gpu as an extension of the first... I think. I don't know the details.


In any case. In the games there is write AMD Radeon R5 Graphics "VRAM utilizated 1522/498 MB (for example, for the game that I'm seeing now). During the game there is an high use of the first GPU and Vram, but not the second.

In AMD Radeon software there is write that AMD Radeon R5 Graphics don't have the minimum requirement. But I don't understand if it intend the basic gpu or the dedicated. In the performance, there is always a use of the vram of the second vram (1%, the vram with 2gb), but not the usage of the second GPU, even during the game, even if I do what you said (setting, display, ecc...).

Windows use the same name of the grafic card for the basic and for the high performance (AMD R5 Graphics). I follow the instruction but nothing changed. (In the images that I posted in the previouse posts you can see the window).



I contacted Windows and Lenovo and we are searching to resolve the problem. An user said that my laptop have the possibility to use the second card, maybe, but the article were there is write this was written years ago, when there was an old version of Windows (1707, or similar), Lenovo, AMD etc. He said to me to refresh Windows and to do other things with the reinstallations of the drivers of Lenovo but he send to me an immage about an old version of AMD program where there is the option of "Switchable graphics menù" that I don't find in this versions of AMD Radeon software (21.2.3).

So now I am reinstalling all. But my question is there should be this menù in my Radeon software?


The older versions of AMD laptop graphics had the 'switchable' function in the AMD menu. That has changed and now Microsoft handles that. Go to your computer 'Display' setting and scroll down to 'Graphics'.



I know that, I have it but Windows 10 doesn't see the second graphic card, it use the same. Seem that it is not a problem of Windows, so now I am working with Lenovo for see what is the problem.

Seem that the problem is the customization of my laptop, or I don't know.




I wanto to update you. Seem that the second gpu was a support of the first.


With the passage of Switch gpu to Windows 10 Windows don't see the second graphic card.


The problem is that in the old versions of AMD, and in the new but I think for what you said about Windows, there isn't the option "gpu overload" and the laptop use the same gpu for all.


In the battery settings many things are in "Energy saving", but even if I change the options there isn't changes. If I change in the BIOS Switchable Graphics to Dual GPU laptop go faster but AMD don't see always the second gpu in the old versions.

It is as the second gpu is installed where today it shold not be installed, so Windows don't think that it is a graphic card.

It was the period of AMD crossfire and bridge etc




vorrei aggiornarvi. Praticamente sembra che la mia seconda gpu sia una sorta di supporto della prima


Con il passaggio dello switch gpu a Windows 10 Windows non rileva la mia seconda gpu.


Il problema è che nelle versioni precedenti di AMD Radeon non compare l'opzione "gpu overload" e per le alte prestazioni il computer continua ad usare quella base.


Ho notato che nelle impostazioni della batteria molte cose sono "massimizza risparmio energetico" ma cambiandole non mi sembra chebil risultato cambi. Se cambio nel BIOS da Switchable Graphics a Dual GPU il computer và più veloce ma i precedenti programmi AMD non rilevano la seconda scheda gpu. Gli utenti AMD dicono sia un problema di Windows mentre Lenovo ha difficoltà ad aiutarmi perchè le cose oggi sono diverse.


È come se la seconda gpu fosse installata dove oggi non verrebbe installata, quindi Windows non la riconosce come seconda scheda grafica.


Quando cambio le impostazioni del BIOS o cerco di far capire al computer che deve usare quella gpu e riavvio Windows quando inizia ha diversi secondi in cui fà comparire su schermo la parola "Attendi".



The "Display" way don't work.


In the images there are another info.


Before I took the Laptop there was Radeon Software 20.11.2. It caused an hight CPU usage, so I reinstalled it but it didn't resolve the problem. So I decided to instal the other option, a new version, 21.2.2, it resolved the hight use but not the fact that the secondo graphic card is not seen from Windows and the games.

I decided to return to the previouse versione to see if it work but no, games don't see the second graphic card. But in "Device managemente" there are the two graphic card.

I don't know if is it, I have two accounts and I use the amministration account, with all the permissions ecc...

Radeon task.PNGRadeon.PNGSettings.PNG