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Adept I

Game crashes everytime I try to use the radeon overlay

fx-6300 non oc

r9 270x non oc

600w psu

1tb hdd

msi 970a-g43 mobo

I use 18.7.1 driver

everytime I tried to use the radeon overlay, the game crashes

This started after I bought a 1080p monitor (before 768p) , though I don't think it is the cause

This is the reliability history log


Hardware error

‎17/‎7/‎2018 8:16 PM

Report sent

A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Code: 141
Parameter 1: ffffe60b9b7184a0
Parameter 2: fffff806d9fcfea4
Parameter 3: 0
Parameter 4: 10bc
OS version: 10_0_17134
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1
OS Version: 10.0.17134.
Locale ID: 17417

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_atikmpag.sys
Server information: 0057c22b-138e-4377-ac53-64534036caae

Ohh, and also the gpu core and memory clock on idle was suppose to be 300/150

but after playing games, even nothing used, the core & memory clock is 450/1400

happens even before me buying the new monitor

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I think if I were you I would try going into Radeon Settings and under gaming/global settings find the Power Limit slider and slide it all the way to the right to it's maximum. This is completely within normal range for the card and may help this situation. Most of us that game with our cards here have found that it helps stability. Sometimes it really can be a driver issue or a game engine issue with a specific game and nothing helps. The fact that this worked for you before and now doesn't at higher resolution definitely makes me think that now you are taxing the card a bit more and raising that power ceiling may very well help. If this does not help just report back and tell us what game it is you have issue with. We can go from there and hopefully get you working okay again.


to add to that if it doesn't fix the overlay crash issue it likely is a bug. And you will want to submit a bug report so AMD knows about it. These forums are just end user to end user not AMD employees helping. So what you say here may but more likely will not reach the driver guys.  Email Form   <-----Support with a reply / Just to report an issue with no reply ------>  AMD Issue Reporting Form

For the time being, the problem seemed to be gone after I slide the power limit to the right. I'll mention if the problem is completely gone.


That's great there are a couple other things I know that can help if it does not!

Happy Gaming!


Thanks man for the advice! But the problem still occurs from time to time. Guess I'll just have to stop using the radeon overlay for monitoring the gpu and just use the msi afterburner. Btw, the problem of me having high idle gpu core & memory clock is fixed by using the DDU. At first, I'm using the DDU without booting to safe mode, it is to no avail. Then I tried booting into safe mode, and it works. The gpu clock return to normal when idle.


Yes many think that booting to safe mode is not needed and they are wrong. It is the only way to remove locked registry keys. The other thing that does help if you have not tried it, is disabling hibernation and fast startup. What happens with fast startup enabled is it caches your system settings for fast rebooting. However this cache often doesn't get it's settings updated like it should and can keep reintroducing old information that you are trying to get out of your system. So even if you don't want to turn it off permanently. Disable it, run DDU from safe mode, re-install the driver. Let the system run stable for a few days. Then you can re-enable fast startup if you like and it will rebuild itself fresh at that point with all current driver/system settings. A lot of the new features in Windows are great when they work well but that some times needs some help.

Next my other thought on the overlay issue specifically is that I find that you get many overlays fighting each other. For instance I will have the Steam, Origin, Discord and Others in addition to the Radeon Performance Overlay. I find that disabling the Steam and Origin overlays greatly improves stability with the others. You may wish to play around with that to see if you find it helps too.


Oh also make sure your system is set for High Performance not Balanced.


Oh another thing I often do when I have a game that doesn't play nice is set it to run with administrative privileges. Especially older games that won't run the way they should.