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Journeyman III

Full AMD Build, Full PC Crash When Starting Games

I've scrolled for a while looking for answers or clues to help me fix this issue, however im struggling now and need some more support.

So the issue at present is that the build runs perfectly in idle, general program use and web browsing however the moment i launch a game or trying to use a benchmark after 2-3 minutes the system fully crashes and all lights go out. Initally I remembered back to my first gen ryzen build and that having simular issues when launching games and so i thought it would be CPU related. However after many tests, i can not find anything wrong with the CPU (to the best of my knowledge).

Ill list all the things i have tried below and i do hope someone has any other ideas i can try before thinking about sending parts back.

Games Effected:

-GTA V, Max Graphical settings

-Beat Saber, Low Graphical settings

-Tony Clancy's Ghost: Breakpoint, Low Graphical settings


-AMD Ryzen 7 3800x (Stock Cooler)

-Asus PRIME X570-p Motherboard

-Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 2x8GB (16GB) DDR4 3200MHz CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W

-Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB

-EVGA 600W 80+ PSU

-NZXT H510I ATX Case

-120GB Nvme M.2

Current troubleshooting:

-Clearing Drivers with DDU and installing latest GPU drivers

-Clearing Drivers & installing latest CPU drivers

-Clearing Drivers & installing 1 month old GPU  drivers

-Clearing Drivers & installing 1 month old CPU  drivers

-Scanning for effected windows files using cmd command: sfc /scannow

-Performed a MemTest (no errors)

-Checking Temps on GPU when stress testing (goes up to 95c(junction temp))

-Checking Temps on CPU when stress testing (goes up to 60c)

-Reinstalling Windows 10 Home multiple times

-Using different Ram Dimms (lower 2400mhz, probs would not help it anyway)

-Slightly under & over clocking Ram Dimms

-Slightly undervolting GPU

-Slightly underclocking GPU

-Reseating CPU,RAM & GPU

-Made sure there was enough airflow (even removed side panels at a time)

-Made sure overall power reqirements are within limits (reach max of 500W out of max 600W)

Thats all for now, the one thing im questioning is my ram, in my old system i was able to get a stable build when i declocked the ram ALOT which allowed it to run games without crashing. However with the new Ryzen 3rd gens liking 3600mhz the best im not really wanting to do the same thing. Any help appreciated

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Re: Full AMD Build, Full PC Crash When Starting Games

You need a good PSU. The 850W PSU with 8+4PIN CPU power support (for the best choice) will alleviate your problems. As a workaround, go to WattMan and set the GPU power to -30% or -40%. This mitigates your crashes.

Edit: Also new generation BIOSs include TDP limit. You can use a TDP limit for 80-85 watts. This limit does not usually affect game performances.