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Journeyman III

Freesync premium causing fluctuating refresh rate

Whenever I play something, the refresh rate of the screen keeps fluctuating between 50-165 hz without following the fps pattern. For example, if I play roblox (running at a capped 60 fps) my refresh rate still fluctuates between 50-100 hz, causing stuttering. It's not only roblox, but all games. LFC doesn't work either, and I had to manually turn off freesync for my browser due to stuttering on youtube caused by this.

Graphics card: Amd radeon 5700xt

Cpu: Amd ryzen 5600x
Monitor: Hp omen i27.

Operating System: Windows 11

2 Replies

I have the same fluctuating refresh rate but no stutterings. Its normal operation for freesync monitors.

Although.. In 60fps capped games, i do not know how to explain the fluctuation, but it does happen in NieR Automata capped at 60fps. Again, no stutters here. 

Maybe checking other adrenalin options.

The Englishman

Video playback in the background can negatively effect freesync especially if you happen to use wallpaper engine consider limiting it to scenes only, and closing tabs with looped videos currently 22.5.2 and up also has issue with alt tabbing especially when alt tabbing to web browser that has a video on loop it can feel delayed and laggy and can even cause a blackscreen in a rare case 22.10.1 is most up to date release notes with issues, however i would recommend only installing recommended drivers even tho they are really old bassicly 22.5.1 cos anything after this is unstable mess from almost stable to least stable to slightly more stable but not stable.