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Adept I

Freesync not in sync.

Anyone is noticing out of sync issue? Most of it happens in LFC range but also within freesync range

Very easy to spot because it causes tearing or small hitches, otherwhise just use monitor OSD to see refresh rates.
Example 45 fps = LFC 90hz > random jumps to 100 and 120 hz
45hz (freesync range) = 45-46 often 48hz.
GPU is vega 64, windows 1903, drivers 19.6.2, CPU 2700X with latest chipset, monitor is XG2401 v1

Game is batman arkham knight but i also tested this on Witcher3.

A temporary workaround is forcing more freesync range with a 3rd party program like CRU but this is not acceptable!

20190621 123604 - YouTube  video of the issue

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