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Journeyman III


A few months ago, I switched teams and got myself an AMD GPU (7700xt). I've been very happy with how it performs on every game, except Fortnite when using Performance Mode. It is literally unplayable.

After doing some research on this, I came to realize that this has been a known issue for years, and I am very disappointed that it has not been fixed or even addressed yet.

At first, I contacted Epic Games support regarding this, thinking it was an issue with the game. However, they told me that this is an AMD issue that has been going on for years. After doing my research, I confirmed their claims.

Now, I know that I'll get a more stable performance on DX12, but the input delay is very noticeable. I am someone who plays the game competitively and has a bit of earnings, so I can easily tell the difference between Performance Mode and DX12.

I know that some of you might say that my GPU is new, why should I use a stripped version of DX11, which is very old and this and that, but players who have the newest NVIDIA GPUs do not face the same issue, so why should we?

It is very disappointing that AMD has never done anything about this issue, even though it's been known for years and has been brought up here many times. Especially considering the fact that we're talking about Fortnite here, literally the most played game for years now.

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