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Journeyman III

FPS dip at game boot/loading new area

After finally (mostly) quieting the coil-whine on my 7900XTX by swapping power supplies I have one final thing that bothers me and I can't seem to find anyone else that shares this issue.

When booting up games sometimes my framerate starts out really choppy and low (like ~20 fps) and after waiting a couple seconds it will suddenly fix itself and run without issues. It isn't limited to one game but most apparent in Hogwarts Legacy. Sometimes when swapping between large areas (Hogwarts to Hogsmeade) it'll occur again. It almost seems as if the GPU hasn't finished "preparing" or something.

I play with Freesync on, anti-lag and FRTC. I've tried playing around with these settings but it didn't achieve anything. I'm running my Hellhound 7900XTX stock OC.

Other specs:

  • Gigabyte AURUS B550 ELITE V2
  • 5800X3D
  • Ripjaws 2x16GB @3600mhz
  • Seasonic Vertex GX-1200

Is there anyone that can at least explain why this is happening? I wouldn't mind as much but I'm still in the return window and I'm worried there's something wrong with the card. My friend who has a 7900XT Hellhound has no such issues (same mobo/CPU).

Also no temp issues or whatever, both cpu and gpu are running well within limits so it's not throttling (especially since it runs like a dream after the initial issues)

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Journeyman III

Turns out it's Freesync that's causing it. Disabling it completely fixes the issue and also clears up a lot of flickering during loading screens. Still unsure as to why it causes frame dips though...

Adept III


as a start - I will not use anti-lag so disable that. Anti lag is made for gpu limited scenarios and target to put a brake on the cpu. With your system you are not in that area ! Now that game - I've read lots of problems various places and it is on game side most of the problems. 


disable ULPS

Install process Lasso (free) and start using the default settings (use bitsum highest performance) and use probalance.

Some say this game works best with hypterthread / SMT off - but I dont have that game so cannot really tell.

Guess this game is a DX 12 game - all of those use a lot of cpu power at start to create the shaders and not so much if game has that pre-rendered as call of duty titles does.

But try to google that game - this is not a problem for AMD but Intel / nvidia also. Again it is in the game !